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World Revival School of Ministry is legit? Think again

World Revival School of Ministry

The other day, I did an article on concerns about IHOP University; I would amiss to not address the issues at World Revival School of Ministry that makes IHOP looks like the perfect school! This is a school ran by World Revival Church of Kansas City.

Read why I consider World Revival Church dangerous to the Body of Christ 

Before we even start, we have to establish the evolving theology of Steve and Kathy Gray, JD King and others at the ministry. They have long forgotten about revival and more to this odd take on the Kingdom of God that is not taught by any legit ministry today.

George Eldon Ladd would not even sign on this. He would roll his grave to know what he is accused of teaching. That Baptist boy would be rolling in his grave knowing what people say that he said. On a side note, I highly suggest his book called Gospel of the Kingdom. Amazing work of literature and a revelation from the Father.

As far as the church, I have watched it go from renewal or limited revival, to dead, back to renewal into being an epic-center for every heresy known to mankind.

If for no other reason that the controlling spirits in the church, I recommend that no one serious consider the World Revival School of Ministry. Your son would come home as a robot that can only think under “his covering” and has no ability to think for himself.

In the last few years, the Sherperding movement (Think Bob Mumford) has taken complete roots thanks to some odd ideas from heretical preacher John Bevere. If you follow Azusa Report, you know I believe in blessing ministries but Bevere is a vessel of control and shame.

What about World Revival School of Ministry?

The claim they are training people for revival is simply not true. They are training people to be members of World Revival Church, not take the gospel of revival to the nations. To date, after years of “revival,” they have TWO missionaries on the field. One in Kenya and one in Mali. That is hardly a sending capacity.

The school has NO accreditation whatsoever and a contact of mine has had to try and help graduates get some credit for what they did. Just like IHOP University, it is a useless piece of paper that gives you zero marketable skills in life or ministry.

I guess you could be a debater on Eschatology or Ecclesiology but besides that, not much of a marketable skills. I know, without question, they could not lead a sinner to the foot of the cross upon graduation. What is the point of biblical training if you can’t win souls?

Another growing concern that I have is the faculty are all very loyal staff to Steve Gray (Remember Sheperding movement) and I question if any of them would get a real teaching position at a major school like Oral Roberts or Evangel University. The few solid teachers have had have long been gone. One of them told personally that the school has been in trouble and they have no vision for sending students to the nation.

Another thing to know, you are required to attend every service at World Revival Church, regardless if you are a part of the ministry at an Assembly. As my mother was a pastor, it was one reason I never attended the school before it went crazy.

The deeper concern: Witchcraft against Graduates

I know many graduates of the school that have moved on from World Revival School of Ministry only to trash and wound by members and if they live World Revival; they are leaving revival. I guess, God can only move if Steve Gray gets the glory. I will include a video about that outdated Man of God thinking at the end.

I know first hand this witchcraft spirit in the house of World Revival. I openly question the lack of missiology of the ministry. Everyone that I had relationship with there cut me off, never to speak to me again, and slandered me on Facebook. All because I questioned the lack of the evangelism in the church and the lack of the presentation of the gospel in services.

The way people are treated when they are called away from World Revival is nothing less than a cult. In all honesty, they remind me of Tony Alamo camp down in Alma, Arkansas.

A word to World Revival Church members

I am sure many of you will come and tell how how wrong I am and how you want nothing to do with me. That is old you. You have written me off a long time ago. The question is what will you do to fix a relationship? You talk about community and relationship but do not live it. Living your faith is not when people agree but when people disagree. You have been challenged. Will you answer the challenge or just gossip about me even more?

How about instead of slandering me for questioning the theology and missiology of your idol of choice; you engage in educational and thoughtful dialog that leads us to better understanding. After all, that is what Jesus would do, isn’t it?

Now for the Song about Steve Gray…. the whole world is straying at you but they can’t see Jesus. Humble yourself and get out of the Lord’s way.

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