World Harvest Centre is a cult

I openly questioned Suliasi Kurulo and some of the positions of CMF International. Most of the discussion has been healthy leading to some stories of former members who have seriously destroyed by their overly aggressive emphasis on giving Kurulo anything he wants when he wants.

Having grew up spiritually in the midst of revival during the Brownsville Revival and been through many move of the Spirit (Toronto Blessing, Brownsville Revival, Smithton Outpouring, Lakeland Revival), I have seen the best, the worse and everything between the two.

It is safe to say that I have some cults in the midst of revival. In fact, one of the leaders in revival in time became a cult leader himself. The reality is Pentecostal ministry without the presence of the Holy Spirit will give you all types of crazy ideas….and we all know that that become….a cult.

I have been an eye witness to what goes on in the ministry of Suliasi Kurulo, CMF International and World Harvest Centre in Suva, Fiji. This is not hersay. I have watched the worship of men and the mind control happen repeatedly.

I remember at Oral Roberts University, we learned that there are seven ways (at least) to realize if someone is leading a cult. In this case, Suliasi Kurulo meets all seven of them. It is clear that World Harvest Centre is a cult!

You stumble day and night, and the prophets stumble with you. So I will destroy your mother—  my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. (Hosea 4:5-6) 

World Harvest Centre criticizes freedom of expression

One of the quickest way to find out if a group is a cult is to see if people are encouraged to think for themselves and are allowed to disagree with the church. If they must believe in a way just because that is what the church tells them; it is clearly a cult.

Most of the people at World Harvest Centre hold values, not because they read the Word and the Holy Spirit led them to that position but because they were told from the platform or their zone leaders what they should believe. Questioning the positions of Suliasi Kurulo and CMF International is just not acceptable. You will be humiliated if you do. If not, at least, you will become the gossip of the church.

Open questioning of the teaching of Suliasi Kurulo is completely not acceptable at the church. People follow his thought more than the freedom of the Holy Spirit. There are many extra-biblical requirement that he places on the people from giving to dress to attendance to “zone meetings.”

 Do not quench the Spirit.  Do not treat prophecies with contempt  but test them all; hold on to what is good,  reject every kind of evil. (1 Thess. 5: 19-22) 

We are told by the Apostle Paul that we are to not quench the Spirit, honor the prophetic ministry, test (or question) everything) keep the good and reject the bad. This is the biblical model for the believer. None of this is encouraged at World Harvest Centre. No questioning of Suliasi Kurulo is allowed.

World Harvest Centre breaks up families

Core to spiritual life on this side of heaven is your family. God even speaks of family wide salvation in Acts. It is far more important that many realize to the heart of God. Major division in the family is not good and it really is not good when it is created by the church and its’ leader.

Many have contacted me since I release the article about the pastor with stories of families broken on the membership at World Harvest Centre. Many of them have lost great amounts of money due to unhealthy giving to World Harvest Centre.

In one case, giving to the ministry cause a man to separate from his wife because she would not quit giving money they need for food to the church. It might be one of the more extreme examples but it is happening because of the teaching of Suliasi Kurulo.

Women in the church are more loyal to the teaching of the pastor than to the leadership of their husband and this is expected by the men. Children are raised by the church and not the leadership of their parents. This flies in the face of everything scriptural.

World Harvest Centre and emotional abuse

This is another area that I saw very up close. Leaders abusing people who did not give enough. They would get businessmen get up and tell the people that people are not giving enough. They would use cute lines like “what God has done in my life, He will do it yours if you give today.” Nevermind that a business owner has the ability to make ten fold what a salaried worker at MH Supermarket can make. It does not have to be practical or biblical; just as long it is preaches good from the platform. That is all that matters.

People who live the church was cut from relationship by anyone still there. If they do not return, all relationship with them are lost and will never recover anytime in the future. Welcome to the mind control of World Harvest Centre in Suva, Fiji.

They control to see your success is because of the church and therefore, you owe them your life as a means of saying thank you. You exist to empower  Suliasi Kurulo. The biblical role of a pastor is to empower you, not you empower him!

World Harvest Centre believes in elitism

They are known to disrespect other ministries and degrade them publicly. The pastor has a special hatred for the movement known as New Methodist Christian Fellowship in the Fiji Islands. I am no sure why the distaste. I am sure it is a threat to the Kingdom of Kurulo. They really believe that their church is bigger and better than everyone else in Fiji. On a side note, CMF International hardly even matter when you look at the size of the Methodist Church in Fiji. The domination that I belong to, the Assemblies of God is larger than CMF but much smarter than the Methodists.

The pastor claims to be the pastor to the military and prides himself in having members in harm’s way in the middle east. Let me be clear: Fiji’s Army is only in the middle east for the paycheck. CMF International encourages this so they can get more in their bank accounts too. As a veteran, no amount of money will be enough to go back into combat zones like Syria. The reality is that Kurulo only cares that he makes money, not the lives of the people that are in harm’s way.

World Harvest Centre has no holiness

It is not uncommon for people that work for the ministry at the church to be having dating relationships with married women. Fornication and adultery is a way of life around Christian Missionary Fellowship International .This is done with full knowledge of elders and “zone leaders.” In fact, some of it is even done in the homes of elders in the church. You can forget all those verses about holiness and righteousness. They are not needed around the World Harvest Centre family.

There is also cases of them taking passports from people that are going to the school. One young man came to the ministry, they took his passport and then lost it. This man was from Cambodia and there is no embassy anywhere close to Fiji to help him. Last I heard, he was still trapped in Fiji. This should have gotten Kurolo charged for human trafficking but he has friends in high places.

World Harvest believes in special revelation

I believe 100% in the prophetic ministry and God can speak through anyone at any time. Well, at CMF International, they believe that God only speaks through the the pastor and any “revelation” that he has is the “word of the Lord.” If it does not line up with the New Testament, that is ok…. the Apostle Paul must have been wrong and just slept wrong that night. God forbid that people as anointed as Suliasi Kurulo missed God even once.

When the emphasis is being put on a leader, you are already going down the road for problems. God can and will speak to anyone at any time in a meeting. It is not just the pastor that God uses. In the dozens of meetings that I have been at World Harvest Centre, I never heard a prophetic word given or tongues and interpretations at the meetings. This is odd. Every meeting, each believe should have a word, a song or a hymn from what the Lord is doing in private…. That is what the bible says.

I would guess I was in around 100 meetings at the church with about a thousand people (give or take), I find it hard to believe that the Holy Spirit had  100,000 opportunities to speak to the Bride of Christ and yet never did. This is not the model of the New Testament church.

I remember meeting at a prayer meeting and a pastor from the church was present praying for a man that was sick. There was no anointing on it in any way. After watching all types of unbiblical ministry happening; I rebuke the pastor directly, anointed the man with oil from prayer of faith over the man and he was healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What continues afterwards was man worship and the spirit of offense. They hold me that I “did not have the authority of the church” to pray for him and lay hands on him. My response was simple: I do not need a pastor’s authority to do the New Testament; I have the authority of Jesus to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and preach the gospel. Homie don’t play church politics. By the way, the Indian man was healed by Jesus.


How to deal with cults and unbiblical churches

Just because a church believes a little different does not make them a cult. You also have to be careful taking on ministries. Many of these groups operate with a serious spiritual level that if you are not full of the Spirit, they can destroy you. The bible tells us of a story where this happened. Two men was destroyed by the spirit of ministries. They were literally beaten down and stripped because of it.

The moral of the story is be very slow to call a church a cult and to attack ministry leaders. Simple disagree of theology is not enough grounds. It has to be serious issues as I outlined here. Dealing with dangerous and harmful groups requires much prayer and prophetic understanding.

I believe this serves as a warning to other involved with World Harvest Centre in Suva, Fiji. The issues are out there and it is up to them to seek freedom or keep the bondage that they have slap onto themselves.

What I do know is in Jesus the yoke is easy and the burden is light. Any burden to give to ministries is not biblical. Jesus took all burdens from us.