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William Seymour & his inheritance of freedom!

I helped a guy brainstorm about SEO (doing better on Google) and to my surprise, he gave me a $30 gift card for my Amazon Kindle. So I picked up a couple books on William Seymour for the blog. I want to really zero in on the life of the man that started the Azusa Street Revival.

If everything goes as planned, I will focus on the man for a few weeks then we will focus on the revival for a few more weeks.

What could this man born 50 miles outside of Lafayette, Louisiana in a town called Centerville that today is a main city today with a booming 1,976 people have to with revival? Who knows what the population was in May 2, 1870. It was probably a few hundred at best.

Like Jesus, the events around his birth hardly speak of anything of importance to become of him. In you look at the natural, he is destined to become a cotton farmer or some other job that required alot of hard labor. Nothing to do with church or ministry whatsoever.

In fact, he grew up just like any other black kid in Lousiana in the 1870’s’ there was nothing special that you could think do….really.


William Seymour’s seed of freedom

Wait, there was one thing if you notice generational blessings and impartation. His father fought in the civil war for the North so he children could live in constitutional freedom. Simon Seymour was one of the fifteen thousands blacks who fount for freedom on their own free will. He was part of the Corps d’Afrique.

Simon gave his life to the United States in Louisiana and Florida until September 1866 when he was discharged and all of his family was free and citizens of the United States.

When his parents got married, while free was still educated; only drawing a X for their name. It was all they could do.

The prophetic act of Simon in the Civil War to give his family freedom was something that not only William Seymour inherit but also Rosalie, Simon, Amos, Julia, Jacob, Isaac and Emma. They received what they did not labor for because someone came before and did it on their behalf.

He was probably raised in Roman Catholicism with several mixes of African Voodoo. It is safe to say that even though he was a recieptance of the inheritance of freedom; he was raised in a environment of superstition no matter if it was Catholic idol worship or voodoo witchcraft.

However, the voodoo very well may have been used by God to create in William a desire for miracles, signs and wonders. He are getting the application of Pentecost long before he got the message of Pentecost.

Freedom does not come without setbacks. As a young boy, he watched the United States Army pull out of Louisiana. They were replaced with what we call Jim Crow laws: no voting, no education, no jobs. His inheritance of freedom has took a serious hit to say the least.

The teenage years of William Seymour saw the complete withdraw of military from Louisiana in exchange for the white citizens voting for Rutherford B. Hayes as the President of the United States. When it happened, what little progress that was made for the new Americans was history. No enforcement means no opportunities.

At the age of 26, William Seymour went to Indianapolis, Indiana. He had heard that black people could work, vote and have places to lives. He ended up working three jobs to make a living: Bates House, the Denision House and the Grand Hotel


William Seymour’s Inheritance of freedom is a testimony

Alot of people do not like to talk about it but it is a testimony of keeping faith and receiving what you have been imparted with. He was born to be a free man. That did not come easily. It has its set backs, its struggle, and its challenges.

When you receive an impartation to go futhur faster in the Spirit; you can expect there to be a time of testing. It will not be a free ride and an easy walk in the park. It might even be the hell it was for William Seymour. Challenges will come.

Don’t forget the the people of God went around the mountain for a generation and that Jesus went into the wilderness for over a month with the spiritual inheritance of being God’s only Son. If Moses did it and Jesus did it, you will have to do it as well. Just prepare for that.

As William’s legal freedom was his inheritance, your spiritual freedom is yours. You will get your breakthrough. He is planned in Heaven and the angels are on assignment for you. The question is not if but when.

The highest life expectancy a man can live is to commune with with God, being born again and being filled with God’s Spirit. – William Seymour.


Inheritance comes in many ways

A father can leave for his only son all his money and land so he can do more in life faster that he could otherwise. That’s his inheritance. The same is true for spiritual father to a spiritual son. Lester Sumerall could do more in the Spirit because he had the impartation from Smith Wigglesworth.

America is a nation of inheritance and impartation. In our universities and college, we give scholarships and grants. They are a type of inheritance. We are helping the young person speed up their ability to make change in society but our gifting them a seed offering.

I pray that we never need to have another generation that need an inheritance of legal freedom but every generation must get their own inheritance of spiritual freedom. Your momma’s deliverance just won’t cut it. You have to have your own encounter.

I believe there are many like William Seymour that are being raised in some very hard conditions, are around the supernatural but don’t understand and are being set free to be a deliverer to their generation.

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