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Why I am leaving the Prophetic Movement

I have been part of this thing that critic call the prophetic movement. It is a group of people who believe that God speaks today and through us. You can call it the Kansas City Prophets or people from Morningstar Ministries. In the end, we just want to hear God for people and respond.

I still believe in the power of prophecy and still believe in things like intercession, holiness, offerings and the prophetic. I still believe that God is calling us to give words of knowledge that change destiny over people. None of that changes.

If you came to this page looking for me to call Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, or Bill Johnson heretic and that the whole movement in this off “New Apostolic Reformation” that everyone rants about; you are sadly let down. I have nothing but love for Rick, Mike and Bill.

prophetic movement

Why I am leaving the prophetic movement

It is more of where I am going than where I leaving. It is about coming full circle which oddly was a prophetic word that I received in the kitchen of Jill Austin just before she moved back to California. She said, among other things, that there would become a time that I would come full circle.

I am a Pentecostal from tip to tip. I believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I believe in speaking in tongues. I believe in divine healing. I believe that Jesus is about to return for His Bride. I believe in revival.

I have always found being in the prophetic movement and being Pentecostal being similar. In many ways, the movement that I have been part is like the grandson of the Pentecostals.

However, there is some cultural differences between them that is not as clear to someone just watching. An example would be public tongues. In a Pentecostal church, you will hear tongues and interpretations no matter how big the church meeting is.

Another minor difference is between missiology and ecclesiology. While people in the prophetic movement carry an overflow of John Wimber’s emphasis on ecclesiology, a true Pentecostal church will place that second to the missiology or world evangelism.

How will the website change?

Much of the articles that people read are about things that are Pentecostal. I do not see that changing and I will still be around the prophetic movement. It is just as a friend and not a family.

There will be a name change coming to show more of the vision of where we are heading and what it will be about in the future. Latter Rains is too often connected to the 1948 revival that broke out in Canada. While they had a lot of things right, they also have some things I would rather be associated with.

It will be about proclaiming the power of the Holy Spirit, miracles, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and world evangelism. These are the hallmarks of being a classic Pentecostal.

I also want to feature more than just articles of theological thought here. I want to tell the stories of people who have transformed by the power of Pentecost as well. Testimonies have creative power!

This is that that was spoke about….

One of the things that I would like to see happen is for people to build up, not just bigger stages. Nehemiah was moved by the condition of the people and because of that, he was moved to build structures.

My entry into the Kingdom of God was in the midst of the Brownsville Revival and I want that to be the benchmark for camp meetings, articles and anything else that this ministry is about.

This blog has been very effective. It has on average about 50,000 viewers a month. I want to see that built into something bigger and something that could facilitate a new Pentecostal movement marked by people praying in tongues more than ever.

This is my hope and my dream! 



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