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Wal-Mart Revivalism must close soon!

I just saw on my Facebook feed that Wal-Mart is closing over 100 stores but when when we close down the Wal-Mart mentality found in most churches, even Pentecostal churches today? Christians want everything in one location and they want everything to come cheap. There is no roll back prices on the presence of the Holy Spirit!

We live in a time of getting what we want when we want it. On one hand, it is powerful. On the other hand, it has cause us to loose some very important truth about the spiritual realm. Revival is not cheap and it does not come easy.

I often here pastors call anything and everything revival and I just look and wondering what they are thinking. I love Bill Johnson and Che Ahn but they have use the word so loosely that people think anything is revival these days. Revival is not just a bunch of good church services. It also is not something you can plan.

Our WalMart revivalism mentality has several problems: it has a theological problem, it is a missional problem, it has a Ecclesiolical problem. None of these are easily fixed with wholesale awakening in the land.

We have a theology problem!

What we tend to believe is not working. I just do not hear about tarrying in the Spirit anymore. We do not want to contend for the presence of God anymore. We have the position that God will come in the next five minutes or we have better things to do. The all night prayer meetings that we tarry for the power of God are history.

The theological problem because this:we think faith will make us for a lack of desire. You can have all the faith you want but you can’t replace desire. The Brownsville Revival did not just come by faith, it came also by over 18 months of intercession for revival. Some things don’t come by faith alone; it has been paid for by intercession. That is not quick and easy.

Thinking revival comes from raw faith alone is what I call WalMart revivalism. Faith alone saves you but faith alone does not bring revival.

We have a missional problem!

We think that revival is all about the customer, the believer. We think revival is about getting our church folk more excited and to make them better tithers. Revival has never been about church folks, it is not about them and never will be about them. Revival is never to the church but rather through Her. Awakening comes to the nation but the church house is only the pipeline.

There is a church in Kansas City that is claiming to be in revival. They have been making this claim for as long as I can remember. The problem is that no one in Lee’s Summit is actually changed by the “revival.” All the members came from other Pentecostal churches in the area. It is not revival in any way, shape or form.

Any move of God will be about what the heart of God is about: ripping people out of hell. If you do not have radical transformation of drug dealers, prostitutes, and corrupt businessmen; I have to question how much of a revival you are actually happening.

WalMart Revivalism has a problem with Ecclesiology

I do not write much on Ecclesiology but we have an issue with it. When we think alot of meetings and singing Prepare the Way alot of time brings revival; we have a problem. Church was never about meetings.

One of the issue that I see was made popular recently by CNN’s Kathleen Parker. While pastor love to talk about the Church as the Body of Christ; we are more closely related to the Bride of Christ and the Army of the Lord. It is very true that God is raising up an army!

Let God arise and His enemies be shattered.

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