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Vineyard Music changed the American Church

Vineyard Music

In continuing our study on what the Vineyard Churches believe, we are to the value that Vineyard Music brings to the churches in America. I would say no other movement had the impact on the larger charismatic Church, including the Hillsong movement. If not for the Vineyard, we would probably still be singing Send it on down.

If we believe, as the Vineyard does, that the experience of the Kingdom of God in our lives is the encounter of the presence of God; we have to be people to purposefully worship Him in spirit and in truth.

I personally loved growing up to the songs that people like Andy Park and David Ruis put out for all us to sing at worship gatherings.

Vineyard Music is transformation ministry

They believe that the easiest way for God to touch you, cleanse you and transform you to in worship. I agree.

I have had very few life changing times because of a sermon but I have had dozens of experiences that I could talk about during extended times of worship. This is why I love how the Vineyard churches sets aside the bulk of their times together to worship time.

“Experience-based worship is the central activity of all that we do in the Vineyard. It is worship that causes all else that we do to become an act of worship. We experience God’s presence as a palpable reality when we worship. ” Vineyard’s Core Values & Beliefs 

I wish all Charismatic churches saw worship as the core of the gathering instead of a primer for the sermon and a way to wait for the people late to church to arrive.

Worship should not manipulate

One thing I really like about the way the Vineyard churches do their worship is they are against manipulative styles. Alot of leaders know exactly how to use music to cause an emotional response from the people. That is not worship; that is witchcraft!

Worship should draw people to Christ, not to buying a new album in the bookstore. It should people naturally being supernatural and bring the people with them. Anything less than that is not worship, it is just a free concert where donations are accepted in the form of the offering.

This is one of the things I just love about Vineyard Music model that is used in most, if not all, Vineyard churches around the world. I really wish we could get the performance attitude out of the Charismatic movement once and for all.

Here is Jeremy Riddle, an old Vineyard Music leader singing an older Vineyard song, More Love. More Power.

Note: This is a series on the Vineyard Churches, their values and their beliefs.

My Theological Disclaimer

To be quite honest, it is very limited and I was in the probably the least “Vineyard Vineyard” of them all. I was a teenager when Kansas City Fellowship become Metro Vineyard for a few years. After the mess in Toronto, we become Metro Christian Fellowship after we left the movement over difference of opinion of revival.

We always had a little different point of view on things than many other in the Vineyard. We were kinda the “prophecy” church more than most others were. If anything, it is was too much of an emphasis there. Growing in the prophetic was not an easy road and there is not too many road signs along the way.

As we go through this study, understand my background in from being part of Metro Vineyard and my theological background is mostly Classic Pentecostal. I was educated in the Brownsville Revival and later at Central Bible College (Assemblies of God) and finally at Oral Roberts University.

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