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Valley of Dry Bones: A discussion of Perry Stone’s theology

I was looking around Youtube a week ago and found an odd video of Perry Stone, the Church of God evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee talking Valley of Dry Bones. I like Perry and have had some great discussion with him back when I live in Cleveland. This is nothing against Perry as a person. However, I became concerned with the theology.

What I did was look for his email and it returned as it seems he has changed email servers. Therefore, I emailed the ministry and asked the following question,

I recently heard a message of you that you stated that Ezekiel 37 (Valley of Dry Bones) is about the restoration of the Jewish nation. I understand you hold strong views on Jewish studies but I just can’t see it.

The Valley of Dry Bones has always been interpreted to be the Bride of Christ get her act together and we have what was coined by Smith Wigglesworth as “the great end time harvest.” The focus of the passage is revival in the streets.
Again. am I missing something as this would include Jewish people coming to faith in the harvest but not limited to them?
I wanted to make it clear that I believe the passage is speaking about the end time harvest, or what we call festival eschatology at Latter Rains.
The following is what I got back from the ministry. It was not from him directly but I assume he was asked to make sure it was his position,

The Christian view, as Perry’s viewpoint is that the Valley of Dry Bones refers to the Holocaust, where millions of Jews were murdered.  Their nation came back to life in 1948 (meaning new life was brought back to their nation).

The end days harvest will include ALL flesh, ALL nationalities, ALL races!  He said “He would pour out His spirit amongst all flesh” in the last days.

dry bonesValley of Dry Bones is the call to revival!

I will be clear that the translation of it being about the Holocaust of the 1940’s is flawed. While Ezekiel could have been speaking about the Jewish state, prophecy is overly spiritual and rarely political in nature. The formation of Israel is very important but it is not the end all of biblical prophecy. The purpose of most prophetic utterance are for the harvesting of souls.

The Church, especially the western Pentecostal and Charismatic expression of it, is largely broken, dying, and sick. We are a shell of what biblical faith actually looks like. We are more into corporate models with Jesus throw on top than biblical anointing and power. We are basically dry bones.

Leonard Ravenhill put it this way, “We are as far removed from Apostolic Christianity as the Pope is from marriage.” The problem is that Ravenhill was right. Peter said, “Silver and gold, I have none but get up and walk.” (Acts 3:6) Today, we say, “Anointing and power, I have none but I can give you silver and gold.”

The good news is that revival will come, it will break out and these dead dry bones of the Body of Christ will raise up as an Army of people with their identity as the Bride of Christ (Revelation 22:17)

What will seem like overnight the people of God will go from lifeless dead religious to anointed, powerful ministry that leads to the dead being raised, the lame walking, and the blind seeing.

Here at Latter Rains, we call this Stadium Christianity or the ONE BILLION soul harvest.

Perry Stone represents a problem

He is one of a dozen visible televangelists that focus primarily on bible prophecy. They try and make everything about some passage in the scriptures that has some coming fulfillment. The problem is they are trying to translate passages of text that do not carry the emotion of the prophetic utterance to know what the prophet was meaning or the condition of his soul at the time.

This is an challenge with many of them. It is not just Perry Stone doing this. Anyone that builds their own ministry on teaching questionable “prophecies” from thousands of years ago does not a solid foundation for ministry.

It would be like reading a text message from someone you hardly know that is complex and hard to understand. You do not know the emotion of that message; you only have the letters on your smart phone. It is the same translating bible prophecy from Ezekiel.

This hold true for the Smith Wigglesworth prophecies too

Alot of Pentecostal study the prophetic words given at Azusa Street and by Smith Wigglesworth as biblical prophecy as well. The same problem exist and this is why I believe those prophecies are so complex and misunderstood.

There is a prophetic word that the Azusa Street Revival will break out again in about 100 years. It was a prophetic utterance in 1907. Much has been said about it but we don’t know so much about the prophecy. What was the condition of William Seymour, what was happening in the revival, what was the spirit of the meeting, etc. All of this would factor into understanding the prophetic utterance. On a side note, “about 100 years” could have mention the Brownsville Revival that ended in 2000.

This also happens alot with people trying to interpret prophetic words given by that plumber, Smith Wigglesworth. They said that Wigglesworth said this and Wigglesworth said that. It is hard for us to understand them because we was not there to know the unrecorded details and we do not even have someone to turn to and ask because they were. Everyone that knew Smith Wigglesworth is now dead.

I guess what I am saying is people putting faith in bible prophecy are walking on an icy lake on an early spring day! It is not just Perry Stone at all, either.

Get Perry Stone’s book about the Rapture of the Church.

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