Update from Azusa Report

For people who just come to get news about the Pentecostal movement or see what is being said at the Azusa Report, this update will mean nothing. For those who support us with finances, this update will be for you. 

I am the editor of the website but I also have lived in the Philippines for some time waiting on the “green light” for the next step of ministry. That green light has been turned on. The simple answer is I am leaving the Philippines.

Some of you know that I said some time ago that I would be planting a new church on the mission field in 2018. As I said then, it would not be in the Philippines and it would take a miracle to make happen. That miracle has happened to make it possible to make the transition.

All that really matter is that the plans are pushing forward and there is will be a beacon of hope and life and a city on a hill very soon.

The goals of Azusa Report will remain the same. 

  • We hope to see 1,000,000 visitors a month by Christmas
  • We hope to release two books by New Years
  • We will launch a podcast about Pentecostalism and revival this fall

As I said, nothing on the website really changes.

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