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Why true prophecy is rare today? The truth about the prophetic word.

People ask why there is not much true prophecy in the earth today? It seems that most of what we see weak words that are more encouragement than prophetic ministry. However, there is a reason that God is not speaking to us a deeper level.

It is not the lack of prayer. People having been contending day and night for outpouring since May 1999. It is not the lack of faith either. It is not even the lack of worship meetings. All that is in tact but that is not why the heavens seem closed to the “heavy words” that give detailed vision for the people of God.

Prophetic Ministry has no compassion

The issue that most believers today do not operate in things like compassion, empathy, and dare I say, love? The truth of the matter is that many believers have a mean spirit that does not hope for humanity.

Does Christianity have a corner on mean jerks? Not at all. However, we know we are called to live above the nastiness of this world and until we do that, the true prophecy that God wants to give us will not happen.

The major problem that I see is not “love for one another” (that could improve greatly) but it is love for the sinner. I remember Mike Francen telling me years ago, “We can not love people who are trying to change.” This is true. The reality is we do not see the world through the eyes of a weeping Savior.

Jesus was moved with compassion

We read all and over that “Jesus was moved with compassion.” He did his miracles because He cared. He got prophetic words because He loved. He made his friends with prostitutes, addicts and the fishermen.

True prophecy that changes people, groups and regions will only come when we also are moved with compassion for those people, groups and regions.

Does you heart break for lost people going to hell? If it does not, you probably won’t see much true prophecy happen in your ministry.

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