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Tommy Bates: Seeker Sensitive Churches are destroying us

I was on Youtube like everyone else and saw a clip by Tommy Bates, pastor of Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky. You might have also seen him on television with Rod Parsley.

Personally, I am not much a fan of Bates. He is a man of God, preaches the full gospel and love the Holy Spirit. However, he reminds me too much of the old school legalism that plagued the Pentecostal movement for much of the last century.

However, I can look past the legalism when the Spirit of God is moving through someone and I believe that the message below is very important even if it has a hint of that old Pentecostal judgmental attitude that I am sickened by.

Seeker Sensitive IS destroying the Pentecostal Church

One thing that I have always been annoyed with is how some pastors take this “seeker sensitive” stuff out of the Baptist churches and use to try and be relevant to a people on a bobsled to hell.

I have to agree with Tommy Bates that we can not lose the power and culture of the Pentecostal message. If we do, we will end up just like the Methodist. A shell of a revival that has nothing but stories in history books to talk about.

We can not get lose the preaching on the cross, the blood, the anointing, the power of Pentecost, and yes praying in tongues too. This is who we are. If we lose these, we can just becoming the next dead movement of Church history.

What is a seeker anyways?

I think our idea of what is, and is not, a seeker is part of the problem. People who are seeking something are desperate. If they are in pursuit of something, it does not matter how long the meeting is. They will stay and wait until they find what they came for.

It is sad that we do not see this but I remember people tarrying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for hours. People use to pray for hours until people received the infilling of Pentecost. That was seeker and would stay until they found what they are seeking.

I remember in the Brownsville Revival, we would be at the church until two in the morning seeking the Lord in prayer. We did not care what time it was, we were seekers of the fire of God. All that mattered was that he consumed us. It did not matter that Godfather’s Pizza had a great buffet on Sundays.

Tommy Bates is a signpost to the Church

He represents a reminder of how passionate preachers in the old Pentecostal churches use to be. While some could make the case (and I would agree with them) that that era was full of showbiz church life; we need people that still are passionate about hell is real and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is critical for the Christian life.

As stated, I am not a fan of the legalism or the yoke that comes with it that preachers like Bates puts on believers. However, I understand they come from an out wine skin that it was (wrongly) viewed as “sanctification” and “being holy.” It is best to look past that to see the power of the Holy Spirit through his ministry.

The need for a generation of passionate men and women of God that have the message of Pentecost to a lost dying world that do not buy in this “seeker sensitive” nonsense that many pastors are taking hook, line, and sucker is critical.

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