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Todd Ganovski on how to forgive your enemies

During the early days of IHOPKC, one of the people that I loved to be in the prayer room with was Todd Ganovski. He was an amazing leader and we was part of IHOP for about the same time. He was a worship leader and I was the evangelist of the bunch.

One of the biggest impacts that Todd made is a song called Breathe Prophesy that is still epic to this day. The reach of that prophetic song just mind blowing. I will put a clip to it at the end of this article. It is a human video by Chosen from the Ramp led by Karen Wheaton.

Life took him from Kansas City to Nashville where he helped pioneer the International House of Prayer- Nashville there. I have not seen him since The Call in Nashville in 2007.

How to forgive your enemies

He has an old video on Youtube that really is powerful when you consider what he is actually saying. He believes that they only way to truly forgive your enemies is by the Spirit of God.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit enabling up to walk out our forgiveness, there is no way we can truly bless those who are hurtful to us. We can try but that does not mean that we are doing authentically.

This is why praying in tongues is so important. It gives us the words that we can not understand to step into forgiveness. The Spirit can start us on the path to total forgiveness  where we can honestly bless our enemies.

Todd Ganovski gives us the key to total blessing

One of the things that Todd use to sing a lot in worship was “there ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party.” This is exactly what we need to step into forgiveness. The power of God can do more in 30 seconds with us “laid out” by the Spirit than 30 years of bible study. I know that is hard to understand but it is true.

Forgiveness is a Kingdom dynamic and we know that the Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Where is the Kingdom? It is in the Holy Spirit. This means that only in the fiery intimacy with the Spirit can we find true forgiveness.

I am not really sure that one could truly bless their enemies outside of the empowerment found in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we pray in tongues, it releases spiritual revelation over us that give us the grace to walk out faith and do it completely genuine.

As promised, here is that video of Breathe Prophesy from the Ramp with Karen Wheaton. Words by Todd Ganovski.

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