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Todd Bentley’s “Saint revival” a hope or a heresy?

To be honest, the jury is still out with me on what to do with Todd Bentley. I am not in the “false prophet” camp about him but I am not in the “second coming of Oral Roberts” camp either. I have serious theological concerns about him and a growing a spiritual concern about some of the things he is teaching. The whole secret place teaching is a great example of what I am talking about.

Like many, I get his emails and the one today included the following teaching and it is what I want to discuss,

Saints revival: God is going to do away with a clergy/layman “mentality” and raise up the saints in great works of his power. Not just the leaders, the anointed man, pastor or evangelist but the saints will begin to preach the gospel and heal the sick. Acts 6:1-7 reports that the Apostles called out seven men full of good reputation and the Holy Spirit. They laid their hands on them then verse 7 reports the number of the disciples increased greatly. We all know Stephen full of faith and power doing signs but who were the rest (vs.5) we never hear of them again or their works of power. I believe they flowed in an anointing just like Stephen. God is going to use the church deacons, business men, cashiers and housewives including children to work his great power. Nobodies as it were, people we don’t know just like those chosen by the Apostles, people like Stephen.

Todd Bentley has been teaching various forms of extreme ideologies for years. Some of it comes from teaching that started in the late 1980’s in the days of the Kansas City Prophets. Much of it comes from an open vision that Paul Cain had about a nameless and faceless generation of revivalists.

The issue is not as much as what Paul Cain or even Mike Bickle teaches about the issue but more what people that loosely followed their teachings interpreting as. This happen with the word of faith movement (People who came after Kenneth Hagin took his teachings way past what he believed) and it has been with the prophetic movement as well.

This is what has happened with Todd Bentley. Much of his teachings is just the things he learned from listening to John Wimber, John Arnott, Randy Clark and Rick Joyner. He took what he learned and pushed the limits of the teachings pasted questionable ideas into heresy in some cases.

This is what has happened with Todd’s idea about saint ministry. The original teaching by Cain was there were would be so many young revivalists trained up and used in revival that “in would seem that they are nameless and faceless.” It was simply a statement that like in the days of the healing revival in the 1950’s, there was dozen of tent revivalists. It was not just a few here and there.

None of the people preaching about Stadium Christianity believed or taught that every believer will walk in the anointing of Oral Roberts or Billy Graham. There will be many ministries but not every believer will have a national ministry. God will use them but they does not mean they will be leading stadium events.

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