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Todd Bentley is seeing revival again!

Some of you may have heard that Todd Bentley has extended meetings just outside of Toronto in what he is calling the Glory Awakening. I am very happy to see Todd doing meetings again and seeing the works of Jesus manifest. I make no mistake about it: I am a fan of Todd Bentley.

This is not saying that I am signing off on every teaching he has and that I can agree with his doctrine. I simply can not but I can still love and believe in his ministry even if I have question marks about some things. I was Assemblies of God for years and always had huge questions about their positions on some things. Didn’t stop me from believing in the work they do globally.

The story of Todd Bentley goes way back to probably at least 10 years when I just heard of him. He had some teachings that were passionate and it was full on signs, wonders, and miracles. I was pastoring in Missouri and he was heading to speak at a conference led by my former pastor, Mike Bickle.

I watch this guy about my age on the platform preaching the gospel with words of knowledge coming with ease. I know there was probably things that I didn’t agree with but I know Mike Bickle would give leadership to the ministry time if things got flaky. I also knew that he was highly recommended by Jill Austin that I trusted prophetically.

Todd Bentley loves the Holy Spirit

One thing I know is that Todd Bentley is a man of the Spirit. He has a very strong pneumatology. In anything, it is too strong at the cost of other core beliefs of the New Testament believer. It is very hard for my fault a man that believes in the Holy Spirit, divine healing, dramatic deliverance, supernatural provision and wants to see revival in the nations. That is a pretty solid list of core values to say the least.

Todd had some wild meetings in California and I know some of the people that were there. These are not the “check your brian at the door” types, either. They are Holy Spirit people yet they are Bereans too. They told me nothing fishy was happening and I believe that Todd is doing the Kingdom of God. I have asked pastors who have had him in since the Lakeland Revival about Todd. They all say he is different now. I believe them.

These meetings in Toronto called Glory Awakening was gatherings of the Holy Spirit. I have been in enough of Todd’s meetings to know that the focus is simple: Come, Holy Spirit, Come! This is the focus on this generation and it will be the focus on the last generation before the Lord’s return. We know that from Revelation 22:17.

As with any meeting, you do not throw the scriptures out the window. You make sure it lines up with the Word but without a biblical reservation, you join the cry: Come, Holy Spirit!

Seasons and Windows of the Spirit

Leonard Ravenhill was alot like Moses. He had some very strong personal views that hindered him from receiving some things that was from the Holy Spirit. Ravenhill was known to stop a meeting and kick out a pastor for holy laughter. As the renewal went on, Leonard’s health went south quickly. Within ten months of renewal, Ravenhill was in a coma and on his way to the Lindale Cemetery.

However, Steve Hill sit with him in those final days and he received a prophetic word that become the hallmark of the Brownsville Revival. It was quite simple, “Seize the opportunity of a lifetime within the lifetime of the opportunity.”

The reality is there is a season for different things in the Spirit and there are smaller windows within those seasons for breakthrough in a city. Right now, there is a window open over the Glory Awakening meetings and there is a season of breakthrough open over the Greater Toronto Area right now.

The thing about these seasons and windows is they are not forever. They have to be seized quickly. The windows of Heaven is always for harvest and prosperity (prosperity is for the harvest, after all). The important thing to know is these windows do not last long. You can’t be half hazard about coming under the Open Heaven.

If you want to be used in the harvest and want impartation for prosperity, I would try to get to the meetings in Canada.

Glory Awakening is not Toronto Blessing II

The renewal that broke out in January 1994 was about healing up the believer and dealing with inner hurts. Little focus was on evangelism and missions. That was some missionary take it back like Heidi Baker but for the most part, it was a pastoral renewal. The focus was healing up pastors and them healing up their churches. It is what it is.

If the Lakeland Revival means anything, the focus will be on preaching the gospel with power and authority. It will be about Holy Spirit missions. The focus will be the harvest.

The Toronto Blessing carried a revelation of the Lord of the Sabbath to the people of God. The season we are in will be more focus on the Lord of the Harvest. We can not forget that the Lord of the Sabbath is also the Lord of the Harvest. We need the healing balm in the 1990’s, it is harvest time now!

This is not to discount what happened with Randy Clark and John Arnott back in 1994. It was their season and their window. However, this is a new season. Every season has a difference emphasis.

There is a new generation of believers coming up that were young when Toronto was breaking loose or they were still in the world. They, for whatever reason, never got touched by what was happening there. It is time for their breakthrough. Every generation has to have their own revival. Azusa Street didn’t do it for the Oral Roberts. Toronto will not do it for the young believers today.

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