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Todd Bentley & Frenso Outpouring

I know they would be coming. Questions Todd Bentley, his Pneumatology and Missiology. They came during Lakeland and they are coming again. Some people are lining up to yell heretic and others are living up to hear BAM! After all, BAM! is the new FIRE from the Brownsville Revival.

Personally I get concerned when I see leaders line up to endorse a guy like Todd. If Lakeland taught use anything, as question as they endorse; they will condemn at the first sign of trouble. Leaving the big names in ministry out of the loop is best. Plus, we are contending for a nameless and faceless generation.

Just as the people in Malta operating under a demonic prophetic anointing declared that Paul was a murderer (throwing the past in his face), the same is true of many of the heresy hunters in the blogshpere. What happened in 2009 is over. The mercies of the Lord is new every morning and today is a new day in the Spirit of God.

todd bentley- Holy Spirit

Does Todd Bentley have a Pneumatology problem?

He does. However, I will take someone full of the Holy Spirit and just believes God at face value over some dead Pentecostal preacher that would not know revival if it hit him in the face. Many of the pastors in the Assemblies of God rejected the Brownsville Revival. That tells you a little bit about discernment on their part. It is always easier to steer a moving boat than it is turn from a dead stop.

I do not share some of Todd’s ideas on having lattes with the Apostle Paul, Angels just chilling with him on a hot summer day, and some of the impartation of church history.

Pneumatology has been an area of weakness for many healing evangelists over the years, You can look at Charles Fox Parham teaching Oneness, Aimee Semple McPherson wierd ideas, William Branham ideas on angels, A.A. Allen telling everyone they have a devil and Lonnie Frisbee’s odd ideas as well. While Todd is in a list of people who some rather special ideas on the Holy Spirit. He is in a good company of saints through the Pentecostal movement.

I have been in many meetings with Todd Bentley. I am there to receive what the Lord has for me but I am not about to throw away my bible to do it. God will never tell you to check your brain at the door.

todd miracle

What is the missiology of Todd Bentley

From what I know, He has pretty close to the same view that we do at Latter Rains; we are marching towards the great end time harvest that all Pentecostal movements hold. Todd believes, as I do, we are heading towards a ONE BILLION soul harvest. I would say alot of that theology is grounded in a prophetic word that Mike Bickle received in Eypgt. God said He would change the understand and expression of Christianity in one generation.  What I know from Todd’s missiology is close to what many of us in the Latter Rain hold. God will pour out his Spirit beyond measure to a people without mixture.

If you was to asked me the missiology of Todd, my guess would to live out Matthew 4:23 in the nations. Go amazing works in the world with signs, wonders, and miracles. Jesus came to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils. He also gave us the same assignment as well. If we are not doing it; that is called sin.

Before you throw stones at Todd, consider this was much of the same view of people like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham. A.G. Garr was touched at the Azusa Street Revival and within weeks he was leaving for India to take message of Pentecost to them. This is nothing new.

todd bentley

My take on Todd Bentley

He has his problems, both personally and theologically, but one thing Todd knows how to do it hosting the Holy Spirit. He does not get in a hurry to do anything and if he feels the people need to soak in the glory of God; he will soak no matter who is watching.

One thing I do admire about Todd is he is willing to forget preaching if the Holy Spirit is moving and God is building people’s faith without anyone teaching. This is something most pastors and even evangelists just can’t get enough freedom to do.

Before you throw stones at Todd, remember the Bible is full of screw ups and we do a disservice to over spiritualize people’s problems in the Bible. After all, we are just as much God’s people!

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