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Tim Tebow is a prophetic signpost

I believe that Tim Tebow is a prophetic sign from the Lord. He has alot of things that point us in this direction. He is a sign in the heavens and a wonder in the land. Just the fact that he is still playing football in the NFL is a kiss from Heaven.

I have been following Tim since I met him in Davao City, Philippines back in 2006. He had just started his college career at the University of Florida. What amazes me more than his football skills was his heart for people and his openness to the things of the Spirit. He was a baptist but he is not hard core, anti-Pentecostal baptist.

His father runs Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association in Jacksonville and has build Uncle Dick’s children home in Mindanao. Tim has come and spend some time here yearly to hang out with the children no matter what is going on the football world.

Tim Tobew was born as a miracle

For those of you who don’t know the story, Tim was born in the Philippines at one of the world’s leading hospital, Makati Medical Center (that I get treatment at myself). However there was medical issues with the pregnancy due to amoebic dysentery from bad water in Mindanao.

At one point, Pam (Tim’s mother) was told that she would be wise to go to the United States and have an abortion. Abortion was and is illegal in the Philippines. There was reasons to believe that having the birth could kill Pam. According to the doctors, the best they could hope for was a stillborn.

Pam pushed through with the pregnancy and on August 14, 1987; Tim Tebow and this Tebowmania was introduced to the world.

While you might not think it is a big deal; it is quite the deal actually. A child that was said to be dead on arrival lead the Denver Broncos two games from being World Champions. That is a huge deal.

It is a prophetic sign of the goodness of God. If you not believe me, just ask Bob and Pam Tebow. We do not know the stress they was under knowing they could have a baby be born dead. I have not been there but I know people who had miscarriages. It is very emotionally draining for them.

Tim has been a miracle time and time again through his life. He even was the cause of a state law in 1996 known as the Tim Tebow law. The man has been a lightning rod for the Lord.

He lived his campus life at the University of Florida very openly and let the whole world see his testimony of the goodness of God. The problem was the liberal couldn’t find any dirt on him beside when he missed a touchdown on Saturday.

At one point, he took personal responsibility for a loss than really was not his fault. As the team’s leader; he stood in the gap for them. He promised to play even harder and the rest of the season. He did what he said he would do.

Tim Tebow is a shadow of the things to come

There is one thing that Tim has become known for during his time at the University of Florida and later as a Denver Bronco. He specializes in fourth quarter comebacks. He had six of them in six games at one point.

In the same way, the Church is planned for a come from the middle of nowhere comeback in history. Things might look dark in the world with all the wars and rumors of wars. We might have riots, murders and rapes all over the place. However, the Bible says the the glory of the Lord will cover the earth like waters covers the sea.

At the two minute warning of human history, the people of God will raise in glory and authority, yes Pentecostal authority, and flip the world upside down. We will see a generation of John the Baptist come forth.

We will upset the planet as my friend, Eastman Curtis likes to put it. We will have the comeback of comebacks and be crown Champions.

Tim Tebow

Is Tim Tebow Spirit filled?

A question that comes up from time to time is if Tim Tebow is a spirit filled believer or as we call it, a Pentecostal? I did not ask him in our meeting at a restaurant in Davao. It was completely unplanned, no idea who he was, just another American just when I was there.

I have never heard that Tim state that he is filled with the Spirit and praying in tongues. I have no reason to believe that he even has a conviction of the End Time Harvest. Most Baptist do not. As far as I know he is just your model Southern Baptist.

What I do know is he is very open to the things of the Spirit and welcomes people who are Pentecostal. He has worships with us in many churches around America and in the Philippines. After all, before we are Pentecostals and Baptists; we are followers of Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow is with us at that level for sure.

Is there a day that he could be praying and fire of God could fall on him just like it did in Acts 2? Of course. He could be radical hit with the fire of God and walk and become the next Oral Roberts. We have no reason to believe that he couldn’t have that happen. I am sure that Tim would not mind.

There has been radical Pentecostals in the NFL before. One of the role models as a child was an amazing linebacker and a leader at his Pentecostal church. His name was Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, a Pentecostal is in the NFL hall of fame in Canton, Ohio.

Interestingly, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson are attending Pentecostal churches and Cam Newton has publicly said that he is baptized with the Holy Spirit.


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