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Throne Room : Invitation to God’s manifest presense

As we are having a holy visitation from the Lord and fresh wind is blowing, I felt led to go to Revelation 4. I will give you the spoiler: I do not think this has anything to do with the rapture!

For many Pentecostals, it is an older term that we have not heard for some time. The saints of old would talk about taking things to the throne room. They were talking praying in the Spirit and having divine encounter in intercession. In the last quarter of a century, we have gotten away from using it because it is not “user friendly.”

We have gotten away from the teaching partly because we don’t know how to understand Revelation 4. The fact that many bible teachers try and put the rapture into the passage only made it harder for many to discuss. However, this was a real spiritual experience that John had.

The story in context is after the Lord directs him to address the issues facing the churches in Asia Minor; John is called to “come up here.” The real things we seem to miss is that God was saying, “Let’s look at the global movement from Heaven’s perpestive.” This is what many miss in life. They are so busy doing ministry; they forgive to raise above problems and experince divine bliss.

The reality of the Throne Room

John tells us about what the Throne Room of God looked like and in the middle of it was the four creatures crying out to the Lord without ceasing. We see they cried out day and night saying,

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, is and is to come.

This is the experince that we walk into when we go before the throne of God with intercession. We join crying out about God holiness and faithfulness. It is more than just praying in tongues; it is joining the heavenly beings in worship as blood bought saints.

It doesn’t matter what is going on in the physical realm at that point. Everything must be submit to the holiness and faithfulness of the Lord anyways. If you have a problem, run to the throne room.

As we read into the text, we see the elders are there worshipping as well. They are crying out about the worthiness of God.

You are worthy, our Lord and God to recieve all glory, honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will, they are created and have their being.

Something that we miss here is that whatever our problem is, it has its’ breath and being by God’s power. It is the throne room that we see things change. The Lord is the only one worthy to break the back of our struggles anyways.

What we do know it is only in the throne room that God’s faithfulness, holiness, worthiness, and presense is what the throne room is about. When we go there, that is what we are in the midst of.

Putting life in perspective

Putting problems in perspective

The problems that we see as such as struggle in life does not have much a chance to withstand against the holiness and faithfulness of God. Nothing that is not purified by God’s holy fire will remain in the throne room.

This the the threshing floor. This is where what is holy and pure and what is not is ripped apart and seprated. Nothing that is God’s character will not remain. It is a glorious reality when you really think about it.

Whatever challenge we have in life, it will be tested against the worthiness of God and His presence. As you can imagine, nothing we think as “hard” really matters in the throne room of God.

As you can imagine, we realize that God’s point of view is very different and that we can pull the issues facing us as meaningless. It is something that I have had to be reminded of recently.

In a way, it is similair to the story in Luke about Mary of Bethany and her sister Martha. One of them was concerned with all the work to be done, the problems and the issues of life but the other was just sitting at the feet of the Messiah. Jesus said, it was the better thing to focus on His presense.

Stories like this are all through the scriptures of where people that had encounters with God had their problems tested against the character and nature of God. In very case, God gave them profound breakthrough!

God of Miracles

Some of you might tell me that you have a problem or a dream that is too big or to broken to happen now. I would reminder that Jesus made all things possible to Him that believes. A broken dream means nothing in light of the faithfulness of God. God does not do miracles for us because we want them but because He is faithful and worthy. Let’s not forget that.

There is no “I believe God heals but….” in the manifest presence of God. It is just the reality of the atonement in our lives because of what we see happen in the spirit. It is more rare to not see a miracle than it is to actually see one.

I have many broken dreams that God is going to do something about. God did promise to wipe away the lost years and He is going to make the impossible practical as we go to the throne with faith.

While this teaching can be lead to some extremes (“I went to the third heavens”), I believe it has the power to set people free to worship and intercess with complete knowledge that when we pray in tongues, we enter the throne room. I will risk the zealous ones for the biblical reality of a thin heaven!

As this visitation continues, I believe many are being called to return to the heart of God. It is about living in His manifest presense and having Open Heavens over our lives.

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