The Prodigal Bride

We live in a time when the people of God have become a self- seeking and self- serving culture. We have departed from the place of passion and purpose. Most believers are currently in places far below the place of God’s calling. This is mainly due to the lack of forerunners in the spirit of John the Baptist. He did no miracles in the logical sense but he did the greatest miracle humanity had seen to date: he raised up a nation for the visitation of Jesus Christ. Every generation needs a John the Baptist. We need a group of radical believers that will raise us up to be devoted worshippers of God. As most generation of History did not have, sadly we do not have it either. Yet, that is.

The Prodigal Prodigy

Let’s face it. We are a prodigal prodigy. We are a VERY gifted people that are wasting our time, talents, and treasures on things that do not count for eternity. We have created a concept of spirituality that is not the Lord’s concept. We see victorious living based on performance in the various ministries of the local church. God sees victorious living based on passion for His heart and desires. We have two very different paradigms. God is saying to us ” My thoughts are not your thoughts.” Mike Francen, a highly respected voice in evangelism once said, “the richest place on earth is the local graveyard. It is where every dead dream and invention lays to rest forever.” Because we have not realized God’s heart and His ways, we have departed and became the prodigal bride in the prodigal world.
The Bride of Christ has for many years said to God “Father, give me my share.” We have masked it with things like prosperity, divine healing, and hyper-faith but in the end all it was is us telling our Heavenly Father “give me what is mine and I want it now!” God gave us what we asked for in faith and we have used it for personal gain and selfish ambitions ever since. We used it for a time of “wild living.” We came to church every service but in our hearts we were far from the place of passion and purpose God made us for. We air our fifth in style across every major television and radio network on earth. We air it through our massive mailing lists. We air it through our books and teaching tapes. We were and mostly still are proud of our filthy theology.

We have spent millions and millions on pointless things in the name of God and now we are bankrupt not only spiritually but also financially. Because we live our wild and lavish lives, we are just as broke as the guy next door in this depression of Wall Street. We are to the point where we can not fill not only our spiritually stomach with manna but also our natural stomach. The Church is in no better place financially than the any other group right now largely due to outlandish living in the recent times. We are facing the same problems in our banking as every one else due to our lack of wisdom.

It is safe to say that the Bride of Christ is for the most part living in the fifth of humanism. We are just as interested in philosophies devoted to personal profit as the guy next door. Most believers will have the latest Rolling Stones on their coffee table before they will have Charisma. They are also more concerned with the come back of Carlos Santana than the Come back of Jesus Christ! Much of what lines our personal libraries and local “christian” bookstores is christianized psychology. The thing is we love living in the fifth of humanism but it will only last so long, my friend!

When we will wake up?

How long will it be? How much more of humanistic garbage do we stand before we come to our senses? What does God have to allow to us to realize He has never did anything but love us and cherish even in our weakness? The Cross is not just an icon so we can wear it around our neck; it is a call to the Bride in every generation. Our only hope for humanity is found at the Cross, which is the place of repentance. Believers are saying “Not Your will but mine be done” but Jesus is saying ” not my will but the will of the Father be done.” What a contrast!

There is a cry among many Christians for the emerging of the prophetic utterance. It is needed and desired by God to be given to us in this hour. The prophetic word of the Lord is quite simple: O, Bride of Christ, arise from the fifth of humanism. Quit serving yourselves and worship Me! God’s heart is set on us living in holiness in the grace of God. If there was ever a word of the Lord for us it is “come to your senses.” Paul wrote Timothy on the condition of divine inspiration saying, ” the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” We have the prophetic word from God to come back to reality and humble ourselves before Him. The question of what will we do with this prophetic word still remains!

The reason we have been in this dream of humanistic theology is we have disrespect for the Baptism of Fire. Yes, we want everyone to pray in tongues and we call that being baptized. But my understanding of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is not do you pray in tongues but do you loose angels and bind demons when you pray? Does the authority of Heaven back you up or not is the test of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Revivalist Leonard Ravenhill said, ” If we was as scared to miss fire baptism as we are water baptism, we would have a flaming church and another Pentecost. The `old nature’ may dodge the water baptism, but it is destroyed in the fire baptism.” It is not too hard to grasp that the Church is a prodigy but we are sound asleep. We are called in Heaven “the victorious and glorious Church” but we show no manifestation of that calling presently! We are the prodigal Bride.

Is that My Bride Emerging?

When the prodigal son was on his way home to his father, the Bible says “while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.” As the prodigal Bride, our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, is watching for us to emerge from the landscape of humanism and fall into His arms of embrace. He is crying out to us “Will you please steal my heart from Me with your love? He is calling us to be victorious and glorious but not in the ways we have fitted it into our nice little theological paradigms over the generations. The Glorious Bride must emerge and it must happen quickly!

The Apostles and Prophets of every generation from the book of Acts to this generation have been crying with one voice, “Repent and ravish.” This is the hallmark slogan of God’s Kingdom. The glorious Bride will be a people devoted to two things: living a life aimed at stealing God’s heart with their worship and living a holy life through their devotion to God and not because of legalism. Everything in the heart of Jesus for His bride is summed up in being overwhelmed by our love and us being holy in the grace of God.

The emerging Glorious Bride is our destiny. It is our calling to walk in the spirit and power of Elijah as John the Baptist. In the days prior to the first coming of Jesus, there was a burning man. Each generation has added momentum to the point that in the last generation, a burning man has become a burning generation! There will no be one man or woman like John the Baptist but there will be a million people just like John the Baptist. Their divine job description is “prepare the way of the Lord.” O, Lord raise up forerunners in this hour!

Are you ready to be the Glorious Bride? It may mean laying some things on the altar to be burned to ashes by the fire of God. It may mean you have to give up people and places as well. It may mean you have to admit you do not know God as well as you think you do. It requires the “renewing of the mind.” It is the cry of my heart for you to arise from ashes and soar as the glorious Bride deeply rooted in the Love of the Father and the embrace of Jesus Christ!