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The Mission of Revival

At the foundation of everything I believe and who I am cries out for a missional revival: a move of God emphasizing the mission of God or world missions as a core value. I preach about a revival like this, I pray for a revival like this, I live ready for a revival like this. It will come. It will surely come.

I am more convinced today than I was a decade ago that we can see true bono fide revival in this land as people get a clear vision of what is on the heart of God: the nations. I believe for a volunteer missions movement that compares in 100 years if the Lord tarries to the 1727 revival in Herrnhut, Germany. A bunch of outcast on the run from the law for religious disobedience and followers of a leader that was burned at the shake rocked the world.

Today, the talk of the coming generation is how wild they are, unruly, rebellious, and uncontrollable they are. What it sounds like to me is we could see what a bunch of students of John Hus did in 1727. God does not need a bunch of highly anointed people to change the world; all He did is a few who will believe God for the impossible and will pay any price for it.

“Give me 100 men who love nothing but God and fear nothing but sin and I will change the world.”
—John Wesley

History is not full of great preachers who came from the right family lines or went to the right university. It is filled with normal people like plumbers, insurance salesmen, realtors, teachers, athletes, lawyers, and doctors who got touched by the Lord and laid it all down to go for nations. We look for anointed preachers but God looks for hungry hearts. We want skillful orators to lead the Church but God wants people who have raw faith to lead. It takes skill and talent to be a gifted orator but it does not take any special gifting to believe the words of Jesus,

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
—Matthew 28:18-20

The Lord told them “I am with you always.” This was not just comforting things preachers say at funerals but when people really believe this with everything in them; they are ready to lie it all down, go to some dangerous nation and preach the gospel by life or by death. The vision of God is for to preach the gospel to the death no matter it that comes from natural causes, the return of the Lord, being beheaded, shot, or burned at the stake. By life or by death.

Those Ragamuffins in the 18th century did not have the internet, TV ministry, radio ministry or much of a book ministry but they took the gospel to every land they could. In fact, in Jamaica alone they saw over 13,000 people baptized in a little over two months. Imagine a revival with no media, no promotions, no mailing list, nothing that reached 13,000 people in two months. In modern context, it would be 252,389 people baptized in a few months. That is 1 in every 11 followed the Lord in baptism.

Once we have been touched by revival, it is our God-given responsibility to take it to our city, state, nation, and the ends of the earth. Notice it does not say “take it first to your town, then your state, then start a national TV ministry and someday when you are big and famous, do some international meetings!” No my friend, as you go to across the streets with the presence of God, you are called to just keep going across the ocean to the unreached people of the nations. Any revival that is not saving souls from hell is not revival at all!
The purpose of revival is to receive a fresh touch from the fire of God but the mission of revival to take it to the ends of the earth. When we cry for revival in our churches and our ministries, we must prepare ourselves to become missional in our faith and vision.

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