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The Coming Pentecostal revival : Why I can’t give up on Pentecostalism

I hear people lining up to tell me, “the Assemblies of God is dead.” What they really mean is the Pentecostal movement is over and we need to just move on to the next great thing in the history of Christianity. However, I am more convinced that ever that God is about to restore the glory of the early Pentecostals.

I am completely convinced that we will not see the power the Pentecostals once saw until we preached the gospel they once preached. There was no easy grace, sinner’s prayer, or cheap holiness in those days.

I was saved in the Brownsville Revival, spent time at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, been part of the YWAM movement, and been neck deep in the prophetic movement as well. However, no matter what environment I found myself in, I knew who I was: a classic Pentecostal.

The more rooted in the Spirit I got over the years, I believed that a great revival is coming to the Pentecostal movement with greater conviction. It is true that most Pentecostal churches can’t experience revival because they believe they are already in it. However, God broke through that at Brownsville, did he not?

A growing warning from history

In the first century, there was great revival and from 120 people in the upper room; the gospel has ran swiftly to the known the world. It was a time of great glory and with a few challenges. Colossians is full of rebukes from Paul about bad theology.

However, in many ways, the second century was the century of heresies. Doctrines like Arianism, Docetism, Sabellianism, and Gnosticism were taken root in the teachings of the churches. By the end of the century, a lot of churches were quite a bit off course.

What does this have to do with the Pentecostal movement? We are in the second century since Azusa Street and as you look around the movement, you see some pretty crazy doctrines that have nothing to do with the core values of modern Pentecostalism. Angel worship, obsession with “anointings,” claims of “special gifts,” and even some claims to be Jesus in the flesh is happening. it is safe to say, like the early church, we are heading down a road we should not be.

However, God is calling us back to the path we started in, preaching the gospel with miracles, standing for holiness, and complete dependency on the Holy Spirit. There is something powerful about the simplicity of the gospel proclaimed with signs, wonders and miracles following.

In the classic Pentecostal movement, and especially in the Assemblies of God, I do not have turn and wonder what bizarre teaching is being proclaimed from some pizza dream. The theology is solid and it is the test of all things revival. While we can cry about polity issues, the doctrine is scripture based and revival friendly.

I do not want my generation go down in history as “the other heretical century.” Things are starting to look that way with some of the “revelation” ministries are putting out!

The Fire is coming to the Pentecostals!

I was saved in the Brownsville Revival. I know the glory, the fire, and the power of God falls in the Pentecostal church with all its flaw. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in the Assemblies of God and even attended one of their bible colleges.

I firmly believe that there is a revival coming to the Assemblies of God that will rock it to the core. It will touch every church, one way or another. Some might reject it but they will not be indifferent about the move of the Spirit. Many will openly receive the renewal, crazy manifestations and all.

It is a turning back to the ancient paths. It will be getting back to the roots of the movement: repentance preaching, Holy Spirit focused, miracle loving camp meetings that happened completely unplanned. They will not end in a week but will go on for months!

Out of this will come a harvest unlike has been since in the Assemblies since the days of Brownsville. Sinners will come to be saved, healed, delivered and filled because they hear the stories of revival. Miracles will happen with ease in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

One thing that will be interesting about the coming revival in the Assemblies of God is that the national leadership will embrace it and not regulate it. This has not happened in over 70 years but they will be joining common members crying, “Come, Holy Spirit, Come.”

The tents are coming back!

God is about to raise up many ministries that take the tent revival back to the towns of America. It won’t be the traveling ministries like Jack Coe and A.A. Allen but many churches will start to put up tents for revival meetings in small towns all over the United States.

One thing about the tents is that some people feel more open to worship in the Holy Spirit under the canvas than they would in the sanctuary. This is what is coming all over the place. Church based revival meetings under the tent has a power connected to it that the large “blow in, blow up, and blow out” tent revivalists never had.

Get ready, it is coming!

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