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Cost of revival : Will we feast or will we fast?

Every Thanksgiving, I take the day to pray and fast. In a time where we worry about feeding the flesh, I  make a decision to seek the Lord and cry out for revival more than ever. The truth is Thanksgiving tells a story that many do not realize all year: We are drunk with the spirits of this age.

It is alarming that many people will drive hours for a meal with family (that many do not even like the people) but they will not drive a mile to the be in the prayer meeting. This is common across the nation. Thanksgiving is about family and family is about community. The American church has an issue, a crisis if you will, of making community more important than intimacy and intercession.

While it is true that the scriptures does tell us to be people of community, it should never become equal to intimacy with the Holy Spirit. In many believer’s lives, fellowship is superior to prayer. This is sinful and many are hell bound with their invitation to a cell group in hand. The purpose of the Spirit baptized church is not social. That would be the YMCA. The Church exist to know the Lord.

Here is some thoughts from the day of prayer on Thanksgiving

Revival will not come to drunk Christians

As I said, we are drunk on the spirits of the age. We are more passionate about Donald Trump, getting a sale at Best Buy and what is happening with the Pro-Life agenda than we are having revival. We sit around the table and discuss everything but the need for revival in the nation. We want God to do what we do not even really care about. Revival is not just an item on the list of “cool things.” As Leonard Ravenhill put it: if we can live without revival, we will!

Christians will rush to Best Buy just like the sinner living next door to get their “deals.” They are more passionate about having that 43″ flat screen TV than they are seeing open visions. They will rush over to Wal-Mart for more deals on their way to AT&T to get the bargain on that iPhone. In the mix of all this, we see why revival has not come: Christians are just as full of the world as anyone else on the block.

Believers will get up at five in the morning to be out for sales on Black Friday but they can’t make a prayer meeting at eight on Sundays? It leads me to believe they care more about that George Foreman grill than Book of Acts revival in America. You might “need” that new grill but you don’t see a need for revival in your city, county and state?

The drunkeness of believers is causing more delay to what we call Stadium Christianity than adultery of leading spiritual leaders. While both are sinful and hurtful to the heart of the Father, the drunkeness is very widespread.

Gluttony is real!

The word has become known with Thanksgiving but what does it mean? Gluttony means to “to gulp down or swallow” in the Latin. Does that not sound like what most Americans are doing yesterday. It is one of the deadly sins and we have a whole day to celebrate the sinful behavior! Over-indulgence is a way of life for many, not just Thanksgiving.

Many sit down with family to eat in excess without any concern for the Lord’s heart for the people of their city. They did not even consider the ones who do not have a meal to eat and are going hungry on Thanksgiving. All they cared is what time the dinner was starting at Grandma’s. The heart of the believer can be determined by the attitude toward the hungry and the downcast. Many believers in America fail this test every year.

In Numbers 11, we read about the people of faith just wanting more and more food for their own lustful wants. After the fire from above came down, they started crying “If we only had meat.” They were not happy with what the Lord had given them but always wanted more. They were drunk with the spirits of their age just like we are with ours.

The same was happening in the churches in the New Testament. Paul confronted the lust for materialism in about every letter to the churches. More than once, the believers had to be told to be content with the Lord had given them. Paul did not endorse the American Dream or the “prosperity gospel.”

Thanksgiving is about family?

There is a case for family both in the biological and church forms in scripture. God spoke a lot about family. There is no denying that. However, if we are careful our passion for family can replace our relationship with the Lord Himself. Many want family to the point that is becomes idolatry. All across the country people gathered around the table to talk about things that there shameful and sinful. The Holy Spirit was never invited to the table. In fact, in many cases, the Spirit was quenched.

When we die and stand before God to be judged, how much time you spend with family will not matter. How many games of horseshoes you did with your nephews would matter, either. The only thing that will matter is did you know Jesus, the Bridegroom? Did you have oil which is intimacy with the Holy Spirit? That is all that will matter.

It grieves because I know many people who once burned for revival and the move of the Spirit than have bowed their knee to family life. They have lost oil in the busyness of having children. It is almost like they have turned their family into their idol of worship. It is scary to think about but this happened over and over again across the nation.

If your family does not bring you closer to the Lord, they are bringing you away from the Lord. Smith Wigglesworth said that if you are in the same place in God today that you was yesterday, you are backsliden.

Is Thanksgiving wrong for believers?

Not at all. It is not Christian but it is not evil either. There is nothing wrong with getting a new Crackpot if you really need it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal, either as long as you do it the Lord’s way. I do not see a problem with being with family if you have it in the right context. All of these things can be done in ways that bring worship to Jesus; not become idolatry.

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