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Margaret Court, Tennis Legend turned preacher boycotts Qantas Airlines

Margaret Court is a legend in the world of tennis and she is now a ministry of the gospel that is baptized with the Holy Spirit. She is also boycotting Qantas Airlines over their position on gay marriage. 

It is safe to say as pastor of Victory Life Centre Church in Perth that Court is not happy with the direction of Qantas lately, especially when it come to social issues.

“I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter of same-sex marriage. I believe in marriage between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible. Your statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines where possible for my extensive travelling…How proud I was to promote the kangaroo tail throughout the world from the Constellation days to the 380s. But unfortunately no more. I love all people and will be pleased to talk to your board at any time. But it won’t be in the Qantas lounge. God bless…

These are pretty strong words that it has caused quite the backlash, as you expect from the liberal and pro-gay marriage crowd. It has created a political nightmare down under that has already got the attention of the nation’s prime minister that called to banish her name from anything in culture because of her biblical position on social issues.

It seems that now there is a race to try and beat her down socially and using the media as their whipping post to force an apology and a denial of biblical views of marriage. The media is other countries, especially America, has a long track record of humiliating people into submission on political correct issues. It is my hope that Margaret Court does not fall to their attacks.

Special note about Margaret Court as a pastor

Azusa Report believes that women can (and are) called to preach the gospel at all levels and God does not determine calling based on gender. After all, the first person to proclaim that Jesus had risen was a woman and one with a very colorful past at that.

It is also worth noting that Court is not a Pentecostal as many new outlets are reporting but she is ordained by a “Word of Faith” group. While we share many of the same positions, there are clear areas of difference.



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