Mormon Growth in the Pacific Islands

Theological Discussions

The missionaries from the Latter Day Saints or the Mormons are making great advances in the Pacific and largely, no other missionaries are...

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Why I left YWAM (Youth With A Mission)?

Theological Discussions

I use to be part of YWAM for a few years but I have seen left them and took the vision I had while in YWAM and developed it into what is...

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People Raising: Missionary Attitude!


We are going to be walking through a book called People Raising by William Dillon of Inner City Impact. It is a great book and the second...

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True Discipleship is not happening today.

Ecclesiology, Missiology, Theology

Many do not understand the Great Commission and this is partly due to the fact that Matthew recorded a very different version of it than...

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Floyd McClung is a missional hero!

Missiology, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

When I was on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, I use to still attend Metro Christian Fellowship when it was...

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Loren Cunningham is critical to revival!

Missiology, Revival, Uncategorized

I would hope that most people know who Loren Cunningham is but if you do not know, he is the founder and key leader of YWAM (Youth With A...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation