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J.D. King: Is there some great divine?


Every few days, I will get an email asking something like what I received today. It was about an author from Kansas City named J.D. King. I...

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Steve Gray is wrong about the prophetic

Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I was on Facebook and saw this video by J.D. King and Steve Gray. It you take what Steve says here in context, it is quite concerning to...

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I remember the Smithton Outpouring!

Church History, Revival, Theology

Many know of World Revival Church and Steve Gray but the history goes back to what is known as the Smithton Outpouring that was not in...

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Wal-Mart Revivalism must close soon!

Ecclesiology, Missiology, Revival, Theology

I just saw on my Facebook feed that Wal-Mart is closing over 100 stores but when when we close down the Wal-Mart mentality found in most...

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Why I believe in revival culture!

Ecclesiology, Missiology, Revival

I got touched in the Toronto Blessing. I got saved at the Brownsville Revival. I was in dozens of meetings at the Smithton Outpouring. I...

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Steve Gray’s untold damage

Church History, Healing, Revival

I have known for some time that about this. I knew that Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray had wounded alot of people in Smithton, Missouri. The...

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