Tag: Word of Faith

Positive thinking vs the Gospel : Should Christians always be positive?


I have been engaging in a discussion with someone offended at me and among other things, he thinks that Christlike is being positive and be...

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Brian Zahnd believes that Buddhist is closer than the whole faith movement?


I am not even joking. Brian Zahnd (my former pastor) actually tweeted it. This is crazy, insane and hypocritical on so many levels. Those...

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Justin Peters, Todd Bentley, and discernment

Heresy hunters

Before we get started on this, I want to say that I will no way make fun or mock the condition of Justin Peters. I am saddened by his...

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Suliasi Kurulo & Idolatry

Faith Message, Testimonies, Theology

Suliasi Kurulo is the senior pastor of World Harvest Centre based in Suva, Fiji. He is also the leader of CMF International or Christian...

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Brian Zahnd and heresy

Faith Message, Theology

I am far from a heresy hunter but a question that I keep getting is about my former pastor, Brian Zahnd. It is well known and by his own...

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Preach faith until you have it!

Church History, Faith Message, Missiology, Theology

I was raised around people that knew what it meant to preach faith. It was just something we talked about once a year or so. It was...

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Perry Stone and American Dream

Missiology, Theology

I have always liked Perry Stone from Cleveland, Tennessee. The guy is a very well studied student of the Bible and history. He really...

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