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Rick Joyner might be right but probably not!

I believe in the prophetic! I love the voice of God flowing through people. I was raised around it. However, I have learned to hold some of the voices at a distance. Rick Joyner is one of those people who I have a “wait and see” view about.

Don’t get me wrong. Rick has a powerful ministry and he does some amazing insight into current events. His thoughts on what God is doing through the natural things is normally pretty much right on the money. However, when he starts naming names and dating prophetic words; he tend to get in big trouble. He is good with themes, not dates. To be blunt, he is operating outside his capacity.

I have been in many meetings with him and he is a great speaker. I always enjoyed him and I believe he does carry some revelation about the power of worship. I would not take everything he says as “thus saith the Lord.” This is especially true when he starts to talk about Eschatology or the studies of the Last Days.  He does not believe in the Blessed Hope for example.

I am not telling you to not read his stuff. His articles are great as something to consider and add understanding to what you already know. I would not go changing my doctrine quickly based on some teaching of Rick Joyner either. I would trust him for sound theology about as much as I would Alex Jones.

Rick Joyner believes revival and Panthers brings revival

I would laugh if it was not so serious. He believes that Bob Jones saw black panthers coming to Charlotte and they would bring revival to the lumberyard. This is about as screwy as the my former pastor, Mike Bickle saying the royalty of heaven would be poured out because the Royals won the World Series. Prophecy is not about our favorite sport teams, people!

It would be like me giving a prophetic word that Floyd Mayweather would destroy Manny Paquio because skills will overcome brute force that there is a precision anointing being released on believers. You would laugh, right? No less than what we are seeing with Rick Joyner. Correct?

The problem I see is Rick lets his personal values get “God told me” way too often. He has threw that stamp of his views of politics, faith, and economics way too many times in my opinion. This is when he starts to look like a real fool too. He is walking outside his capacity to understand.

This is why I take what he says “prophetically” as about as serious as I take what Cindy Jacobs “sees in the Spirit” as from the Lord. There just has been way too many red flags to actually trust them to be right on. I know that might be hard to take but it is what I see. Rick has “God told me” on the Super Bowl and Cindy is trying telling Filipinos who the next President will be. I trust neither.

Even Todd Bentley thinks it is foolishness.

I was on Facebook and saw a comment left by Todd on a mutual friend’s status and it really hit home after the craziness with Rick Joyner.

todd Bentley comment

Todd is right on this one for sure. God is still on the throne and the great end time harvest is happening. We are living the gospel. Like him as a person or not, you have to admit that his comments is right on.

I find it weird that someone like Todd has to give a word of correction. Todd is an amazing evangelist but far from a great theologian. The stuff coming from Morningstar lately is just that clear out in left field.

I personally find it very disappointing and this type of thing is what makes the prophetic look like the pathetic.

Todd Bentley should NOT be starting a church!

I like Todd Bentley but I can’t agree with him starting Secret Place Church. Let’s face it, Todd has no pastoral bone in his body. I think that is great because I do not have any of them either. Todd is great what he does but he is a complete failure outside of what he is anointed to do. History shows this.

In my mind, this is the classic example of Evangelists (and prophets) starting churches. The motive behind this is rarely a true word from the Lord but it is fear of finances. Having a local church is like having a conference every weekend for them. It is about keeping food on the table and not worrying about making sure they are booked for a meetings every single weekend.

I have the same strong word to Evangelist friends who want to pastor a church just to have a crusade every Sunday morning. Sadly, sometimes people need more than to pray the sinner’s prayer over again. They need that boring pastoral care stuff.

I say that to myself as I have tried to be a pastor before and realized being a prophetic voice and Missionary Evangelist makes you a crappy pastor. Sorry but the truth hurts.

Secret Place Church will be no secret!

Todd bentley prayingEvangelists are loud, bold and only know how to go huge meetings. To us evangelists, it is about going big or going home. Evangelists are not good at secrets. The truth is goes against our nature. The name alone sounds like something out of the prayer movement with Mike Bickle; not an Evangelist like Todd Bentley.

What I expect to happen is it will be a gathering of unruly prophetic types that can’t deal with traditional leadership (nothing wrong with that either) and meetings will turn into a free for all prophetic campmeeting. We call those fire parties where I am from. Amazing times but hardly a functional New Testament expression of the city church.

If we want to be realistic, many of the people that will gather will be the ones that are too crazy for the other radical churches in the city. Off the top of my head, you have Dr. Micheal L. Brown’s FIRE Church; Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Church (that Todd has been a member of) and Robin McMillian’s Queen City Church. With that mix, only people at the edges of those ministry will make it to Secret Place Church. Sorry, Todd.

The Secret Place will probably need some serious emotional healing focus as the the people who will be gathering with those at the edge of society. The good news about this is they will finally have a place to cry out to God. Many of them just can’t fit into the traditional charismatic fellowship!

One thing that will come out of this is there will be a place in Fort Mill, South Carolina that the sick will know that they can come in contact with the healing power of Jesus. It will be a place where divine healing is not pushed to the backroom.

But…Todd won’t actually pastor it?

Darryn BelieuAs I understand it, he will be working with a worship leader named Darryn Belieu to lead the ministry. I know nothing about Darryn but history tells me worship leaders are about as good at pastoring as evangelists. They do not want to preach; let’s get see this chorus for the next three hours, please!

What this tells me is just confirming what I already believed: a lot of worship, healing prayer, soaking times, and the release of the prophetic. I am not sure you can call that a local expression of the Kingdom but I know lives will be changed forever.

The ideal for what is happening in Fort Mill will be leaders who release their control and allow a free flow of believers that are liquid. They go to Queen City Church for pastoral care, they go to Morningstar for apostolic leadership and they go to Secret Place Church for times of impartation. That is how the city church should work biblical but I have never seen it it actually work that well. Pastors are too controlling using “being planted” as their cop out for it to happen.

Evangelists need to be evangelists

Todd Bentley PakistanTodd like many of us need to focus on what only they can do, not doing what everyone can do. Evangelists are a special breed. Our feet are blessed. We need to focus on the harvest.

We must remember that the harvest is not determined by what is in the barn but by what is left in the field to get done. We have thousands of unreached people groups and 1 in 3 people think Jesus could live in the next village. Evangelists have more important things to do than play pastors to make sure the finances are in place.

One thing I love about the United States military is inside their special forces unit; everyone is told to stay in their lane. That means do what you do best and let someone else do what they do best. We need to be Masters of one thing; not spiritual jack of all trades.

If there is anything that I feel the Holy Spirit speaking to me, it is to stay in your lane and focus on the one or two things you know you are anointed to do; not do what “pays the best” and gets the biggest newsletter subscriptions.

Justin Peters, Todd Bentley, and discernment

Before we get started on this, I want to say that I will no way make fun or mock the condition of Justin Peters. I am saddened by his sickness that he has and more sickened that most of the issue he faced in because of a fear based theology he that was told was biblical. However, I know first hand the problems of dealing with sickness.

As I understand it, he has Cerebral Palsy and was prayed for by R.W. Schambach. I am not sure if that is in Tulsa or not. I also understand he has some very unkind words about the faith movement. I believe part of this might be because of living in Tulsa when things did get out of control in the early 1990’s. I was in the mix of it all and I will only said there are some thing happening, especially at Rhema Bible Training College that made me uncomfortable. (Yes, I am a graduate of Oral Roberts)

As someone that has a medical issue (but will preach healing all day), I disagree with Justin on being “content with life.” I believe we should always be trying to level up spiritually. We are to move closer to God than we was yesterday. Smith Wigglesworth said it best, “If you are in the same place in God than you are yesterday, you are backsliding.”

But, hey, that is a whole new discussion for another day.

Justin Peters has a problem with the Word of Faith Movement

The funny thing about this is I am firmly in the faith movement, graduate of Oral Roberts and all, but I probably agree on more issues with Justin that he would probably believe. I have preached against people laying hands on cars and “claiming them.” I walked out of a chapel at ORU and later confronted Kenneth Copeland to his faith for some things that was outside the Word. I did not think telling thousands of students in debt over their ears that “show me your bank account, I will show your faith” was right.

With that said, I believe that if you believe, you will recieve. It is a done deal. I believe that Prosperty is the will of God and there is a purpose for it. Every single promise of prosperity in the Bible is connected to a passage about the great commission. Prosperity is not for you, it is through you. After all, renting stadiums, buying bibles, and getting plane tickets are not free.

I have watched Benny Hinn much like Justin has. In fact, I had met with Benny twice and went have dinner with him once. He is a great person who loves people. He has helped many people around the world by building children’s homes for them. I have visited the ones he finances in Manila.

What else I have done is been on the platform of the crusade when Benny Hinn was touched by the Holy Spirit and it led him to re-think some of his positions on prosperity. It was in 2007 in Manila, Philippines. He saw the hunger of the poor spiritually and realized that poverty was not a demonic spirit.

I guess the difference between Justin Peter and myself is I am in the faith movement (with my eyes wide open) and see its problems. He is on the outside and can’t see its’ benefits. My guess would be the Word of Faith has won more people to Christ than any movement in the last twenty five years.

What about the Todd Bentley issue?

I know Todd. I was in the middle of the whole thing in Lakeland. I was in Oklahoma preaching in protracted meetings when I got an email that the fire of God was falling in Lakeland. I was ready to go….then I found out it was Todd Bentley’s meeting. At first, I knew the theological issue I had with Todd but I also knew he was a man of the Spirit and believed in the fullness of Pentecost. I asked a friend to come lead the revival I was in from Springfield and I left for Lakeland. When I went, I had a bible in one hand, a Strongs in the other and a mind that said, “Eat the meat and throw away the bones.”

I remember during those days getting emails from some pretty important ministries that was asking why in the world I was there and if I really believe that God was moving. They believed that I had really put my neck on the line and that Todd was unstable. Then, to my surprise one of those who emailed me walked onto the platform one evening and prayed for Todd to have the spirit of boldness.

What think I can tell you is my theology did not change because of being in the meetings and I was still doctrinally the same person. The important was that hundreds of people did not have the same story. They were delivered from drugs, sex addictions and crime by the presence of God in the meetings.

Where Justin Peters and I disagree is open attacks and using the bible, out of context, to do it. I want to include a video of Justin openly attacking Todd. What I do want to say is I respect Justin for doing it to Todd’s face.

The passage that Justin used is not against healing, delivernce or raising the dead. It is about doing the will of God. Todd is a doer of God’s will. How do I know? I have traveled with Todd Bentley to Africa and to South America. He preached the salvation message just as much as Justin Peters preaches it. It is the simple ABCs of salvation. God’s will is none would perish but all would come unto eternal life.

I can not help but think that there would have been a better way to handle this then to make a big public confrontation. The gospels tells us to go to them in private and if need be, bring others. To this regard, I have to say that Justin Peters did not do that and that Todd handled it quite well.

Justin Peters is an Independent Fundamental Baptist

From what I can tell, the guy is a hard core Fundamentalist that is to evangelicalism what Oneness Pentecostals are to Charsmatics. These guys live for a fight and they believe that holiness is about how you dress and what translation you use. Legalism is the name of the game and I have seen far too many people end up living in open sin once they get a little distance from the legalism. Not good.

My mother had a friend who had some issues with my mom being in ministry because her baptist church was against it. They just agreed to disagree and had a somewhat decent friendship for alot of years. Her son and I didn’t get along because I turned basketball into WWE too many times.

Then, the friend of my mom got Multiple Sclerosis and she became more and more against healing and her pastor was telling her that is was “the will of God.” As things went on, my mom and her became less friendly because my mom does not believe (nor do I) than disease is the design of heaven or the Kingdom in this world.

Where I stand on the whole Discernment (heresy hunters) ministries

I get that you want to keep people accountable and all but we need to build up people and to say anyone that disagrees with you is going to hell just is not right. I believe that Justin Peters will be in heaven with me and I believe that Todd Bentley will be in heaven with me as well.

At the end of the day, we must remember that our faith is based on just that, faith; not doctrine or philosophies.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. (Colossians 2:8)

 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. (1 Corinthians 4:20)