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Azusa Report is Pentecostal? : Guilty as charged!!!

Eschatology, Missiology, Revival, Theology

The followers of Jonathan Welton and his Welton Academy have attacked me, my character and odd attacked me for being Pentecostal. Yes, I am...

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Why gospel crusades are a failure

Ecclesiology, Missiology

I believe in gospel crusades. I really believe in them alot. However, many times they are a failure. The reason this is happening is not as...

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Has Brian Zahnd lost the faith?

Church History, Faith Message

Brian Zahnd is my former pastor. My father grew up in King City, Missouri and Brian is from Savannah. I spend several years at Word of Life...

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TL Osborn: Grandfather of Evangelism

Missiology, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

T.L. Osborn was one of the most humble men I know and one of the most anointed I know. He had been all over the world and led more people...

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Income inequality according to Jesus

Culture, Theology

Income inequality. It is a buzzword in American politics right now but what really is and since everyone claims that they have the word of...

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