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Living worthy of the cause for Christ


Many people just do not understand the cause of Christ and the reason that we must live worthy of it. It is more than just be a Christian;...

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Offended Pastors and Coming Revival


Today, I was having a discussion about a man that went through Teen Challenge and it became a discussion about accountability. As the...

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Azusa Report is Pentecostal? : Guilty as charged!!!

Eschatology, Missiology, Revival, Theology

The followers of Jonathan Welton and his Welton Academy have attacked me, my character and odd attacked me for being Pentecostal. Yes, I am...

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Dr. Tim Hill claims revival is about to break out in the Church of God (Cleveland)

Church of God, Prophecy

Dr. Tim Hill claims in an article on Faith News Network that revival is breaking out in the Church of God. What we have on our hands is a...

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Valley of Dry Bones: A discussion of Perry Stone’s theology

Prophecy, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

I was looking around Youtube a week ago and found an odd video of Perry Stone, the Church of God evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee...

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IHOPKC and the quest for biblical Eschatology

Church History, Ecclesiology, Prayer

I used to be part of the IHOPKC (International House of Prayer-Kansas City) ministry. It is what Mike Bickle calls an “apostolic...

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Stadium Christianity is my Eschatology

Missiology, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

What is the Stadium Christianity? Why is it my eschatology and why does it matter? Well, it is the study of the End Times and yes we are...

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Perry Stone and American Dream

Missiology, Theology

I have always liked Perry Stone from Cleveland, Tennessee. The guy is a very well studied student of the Bible and history. He really...

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