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Cost of revival : Will we feast or will we fast?


Every Thanksgiving, I take the day to pray and fast. In a time where we worry about feeding the flesh, I  make a decision to seek the Lord...

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Living in Hope: hasting the New Jerusalem

Eschatology, Theology

I had a discussion with someone that for whatever reason is a relationship in tension. It is someone that I believed that the Lord wants to...

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Paying the Price for revival : A reminder from Acts


Many say that they want to see revival and many have made claims of they “will do anything for God’s move.” However, the...

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Sri Lanka Bombing is bad news for darkness!


I woke up like many did in America to hear about the bombing of Catholic churches in Sri Lanka. The message seemed very dark but I was...

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Pray for Dr. Doug Clay

Assemblies of God

Paul (we believe) wrote in Hebrews that we are to pray for our leaders that give us the Word of God and imitate the faith they have....

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Living worthy of the cause for Christ


Many people just do not understand the cause of Christ and the reason that we must live worthy of it. It is more than just be a Christian;...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation