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Impartation : A biblical view on the foundation doctrine of the Church


A friend messaged me yesterday asking what I thought of Randy Clark from Global Awakening and his teaching on impartation. The truth is...

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Randy Clark’s Essential guide to Power of the Holy Spirit : A book review by Azusa Report


This is a book that I have for a little bit and was given to me by a friend. I had not read it partly because I could write it. I know...

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The Anointing by Randy Clark

Missiology, Revival, Vineyard

Randy Clark is a man that lives with expectation. I have come to respect him very much. We do not share all the same doctrine but I still...

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Todd Bentley is seeing revival again!

Missiology, Revival

Some of you may have heard that Todd Bentley has extended meetings just outside of Toronto in what he is calling the Glory Awakening. I am...

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Supernatural Weight Loss is of God?

Faith Message, Healing, Prayer, Revival

From time to time, I hear people talk about supernatural weight loss. This is where the power of God will make you loss 10-30 pounds of...

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Lessons from the Toronto Blessing!

Assemblies of God, Church History, Missiology, Revival, Vineyard

I was one of those people who made the trip to Toronto back in the 1990’s. I remember when the renewal was underway and people were...

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Doing a mission trip with YWAM?

Assemblies of God, Missiology, Revival

I use to be part of YWAM and I still love them but if you are thinking of doing a mission trip with them, you might want to know some...

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Power Healing & John Wimber

Church History, Ecclesiology, Healing, Revival, Theology

John Wimber believed in what we called Power Healing. It changed the church world as we know it. I would say that John Wimber did more to...

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Healing is not a gift! : A response to Darren Wilson

Assemblies of God, Culture, Ecclesiology, Healing, Missiology, Revival

Looking at my Kindle and I reading several books, one of them is Darren Wilson’s Filming God. I like Darren as a guy and I love to...

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John Wimber: Prophet of Justice

Culture, Ecclesiology, Healing, Missiology, Revival, Social Justice, Vineyard

One of my heroes of the faith is John Wimber. I love how real he was and he tried to live the Kingdom of God to the best of his ability. He...

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