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Coronavirus and the prophet Jeremiah


As many over the last few weeks, I have watched what is happening within our culture and within the American Church. My emotions have went...

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Jezebel Spirit: Why many churches have it wrong!


This whole Jezebel fixation that we have in our ministries is really misplaced. Someone struggling in sin does not make them a...

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Why true prophecy is rare today? The truth about the prophetic word.


People ask why there is not much true prophecy in the earth today? It seems that most of what we see weak words that are more encouragement...

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Was Rich Mullins was a prophet or not?

Prophecy, Worship Leaders

Rich Mullins gave us Awesome God and he was a legit psalmist but was he a prophet of God. Some people say that he was for his generation...

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T. Austin Sparks on the Kingdom of God


T. Austin Sparks (1888-1971) is one of the great theologians from yesteryear that few have heard of. He has one of the best books on the...

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Partnering with Holy Spirit in the Vineyard


One of the core values of Vineyard Churches is partnering with Holy Spirit. This is one of my favorite topics too. I actually wrote my...

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