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J.D. Greear is leading the Baptist Church : Should Pentecostals care?


J.D. Greear is a popular pastor in the Baptist ranks and he just got named to be the President of the Southern Baptist Church. As a...

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Quench Not the Spirit : Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Theological Discussions

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is not just something we talk about in theological circles. It is something that every believer practices. It...

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Smith Wigglesworth and Divine Healing

Church History, Faith Message, Healing, Revival

Smith Wigglesworth is one of my heroes of the faith. He was the real deal. He lived in faith. He preached with faith. He prophesied out of...

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Brownsville Revival was of the DEVIL!

Culture, Missiology, Theology

Brownsville Revival was no revival. Those was the words of this older man in Negros today. He saw that I had a bible and was reading it. We...

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