Tag: Pentecostal movement

What is the difference between a Pentecostal and Charismatic?


I am a classic Pentecostal and I am often accused of being a Charismatic. I know there are worse things to be called (and I have) but I...

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Church of God (Cleveland Tn) all about theatrics?

Ecclesiology, Revival

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tn) is a very interesting group of people. They are a Pentecostal movement that came around the same time as...

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Tommy Bates: Seeker Sensitive Churches are destroying us


I was on Youtube like everyone else and saw a clip by Tommy Bates, pastor of Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky. You might...

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Precious faith: A look at Smith Wigglesworth

Prophecy, Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth is the Apostle of faith and it is not a surprise to hear him talk about having well, faith. One of his favorite lines...

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Miracles become common: Thoughts on Todd Bentley

Ecclesiology, Faith Message, Healing, Missiology, Revival

Todd Bentley, that wild, crazy, bearded evangelist from Canada. He is seeing miracles in Pakistan. I always love to see the miraculous...

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William Seymour departs Methodism

Azusa Street, William Seymour

William was a man that was deeply touched and he was living in the revelation of Jesus as the Hope of the Nations. He was hungry for more...

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