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Gossip among Pentecostals? : How bad is it really?


Gossip. It is said to be the cancer of the faithful but just how bad is it? Pentecostals can be some of the worse offenders for it as well....

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What is the difference between a Pentecostal and Charismatic?


I am a classic Pentecostal and I am often accused of being a Charismatic. I know there are worse things to be called (and I have) but I...

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Church of God (Cleveland Tn) all about theatrics?

Ecclesiology, Revival

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tn) is a very interesting group of people. They are a Pentecostal movement that came around the same time as...

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Calvary Chapel’s Greg Laurie becomes Southern Baptist? : A Pentecostal response

Pentecostal News

Greg Laurie has been a poster child to Calvary Chapel for many years. He has now jumped ship to become South Baptist. This is not a big...

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Tommy Bates: Seeker Sensitive Churches are destroying us


I was on Youtube like everyone else and saw a clip by Tommy Bates, pastor of Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky. You might...

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Precious faith: A look at Smith Wigglesworth

Prophecy, Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth is the Apostle of faith and it is not a surprise to hear him talk about having well, faith. One of his favorite lines...

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TL Osborn: Grandfather of Evangelism

Missiology, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

T.L. Osborn was one of the most humble men I know and one of the most anointed I know. He had been all over the world and led more people...

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Miracles become common: Thoughts on Todd Bentley

Ecclesiology, Faith Message, Healing, Missiology, Revival

Todd Bentley, that wild, crazy, bearded evangelist from Canada. He is seeing miracles in Pakistan. I always love to see the miraculous...

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William Seymour departs Methodism

Azusa Street, William Seymour

William was a man that was deeply touched and he was living in the revelation of Jesus as the Hope of the Nations. He was hungry for more...

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