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Danger among us : How lack of knowledge of Church history is bad for Pentecostals

Church History

There is a growing concern among Pentecostal leaders about the lack of academic education of the faithful. I find it completely...

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Church Growth or Holy Revival? : A response to Darrin Rodgers

Assemblies of God, Church History

One of the people I listen to is Darrin Rodgers. He is the general editor of Heritage Magazine, the mouthpiece of Flower Pentecostal...

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William Durham and the impact on Pentecostalism

Assemblies of God, Azusa Street, Church History

Most of us know the names like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham but another leader that you might not know about is a man by the name...

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Smith Wigglesworth & living Pentecostal!

Smith Wigglesworth, Theology

I was looking through my Kindle this morning and found an old book that I have that is nothing but the teaching of Smith Wigglesworth. I...

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A.A. Allen and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Church History, Healing, Missiology, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

One things that grieves me about Pentecostals is we don’t want the Holy Spirit in our ministries. We want to talk about Him and have...

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Community or Communion : What Attracts the Holy Spirit?

Prayer, Revival

A lot of pastors talk a lot about community. We hear about it. We talk about it. We talk more about it but we miss one very important...

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