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A.A. Allen on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

A.A. Allen was a healing evangelist in the Voice of Healing revival in the 1950’s. He saw the miracle ministry of Oral Roberts, quit pastoring and hit the trailblazing evangelistic road himself.

The following is from his book, Visitation of God.

I have read, “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” Acts 1:8. I fully expect with the infilling of the Holy Ghost, I would immediately have the power to heal the sick, and to perform miracles. It did not take me long to realize that more was required than the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, in order to consistently  see these results. The Baptism in the Spirit provides access to this power, but the gifts of the Spirit provide the channel through which the power operates. I began to immediately pray and seek the gifts of the Spirit. I felt I must have the power to heal the sick, for I knew that God never called anyone to preach the gospel without also commissioning him to also heal the sick.

A.A. Allen understood that while the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was very important, it is was not the end all of the Pentecostal experience. It was the gateway to experiencing more of the presence and power of God.

He would go on and tell us more about what he believed about the Holy Spirit experience.

The power of the Holy Ghost may be readily likened to the power of electricity. When one is filled with the Spirit, it is as though he had his house wired, and established connection with the “power house.” Many people use electricity for years just to provide light! They never take advantage of the great possibilities that are available  through using the appliances which electricity will operate.  The gifts of the Spirit might be likened to the appliances. As new gifts are added more work can be done, with greater ease. The power has not changed, but it has become more effective, God never intended to STOP when He had filled His people with the Spirit. That is just the beginning.

This is probably one of the best theological understanding of what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that I have read. It clearly tells us what is the Baptism and how the spiritual gifts connect to it.

It would be hard to say that A.A. Allen did not have the evidence to back up his claims. He had a miracle ministry that focused on healing the sick for over twenty years until his death.

It is not to say that his spiritual life was perfect, because it was not. It is to say he did have spiritual understanding in a measure. He did understand the power of God to heal the sick, even if the personal life of A.A. Allen was not as good as it should have been. Many people walk in intense revelation in one area and have zero victory is another area of life.

True Discipleship is not happening today.

Many do not understand the Great Commission and this is partly due to the fact that Matthew recorded a very different version of it than Mark, Luke and John. I am not saying that Matthew was wrong (after all, it did make the Cannon), I am saying his point of view is different with that whole discipleship thing.

What do I mean by that? If you read Matthew 28:19 besides Mark 16:15-20 or Luke 1:7-8, you will see that there is something very different. Mark and Luke put emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick and set the captive free as proof of the gospel. Matthew did not speak of miracles but what we call discipleship.

In my spiritual heritage, the emphasis has always been that miracles confirms the gospel. After all, Mark did say, “…the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.” The stories of John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson, Oral Roberts, and John Wimber were common around the table.

We always knew that Matthew 28:19 was there but we kinda just left that to the Baptists who did not believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They could nothing but discipleship. After all, they didn’t believe in healing the sick and raising the dead. Harsh as it sounds, it is how much of the Pentecostal movement sees this passage in light of the difference between Matthew and the rest of the passages.

Discipleship is best done by fathers

I remember hearing a man from New Zealand speak when I was in a meeting during the Toronto Blessing. His name was James Jordan and he spoke of the Fathering nature of the gospel. He kept talking about 1 Corinthians 4:15. It is a passage that really messes up our whole idea of what discipleship really is.

Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

The maturity of the believer should be done by fathers, not teachers. This changes everything. Most churches are trying to discipline by teaching but are they raising up spiritual sons and daughters. If a church claims to be a “family” and they are serious about mentoring the young believers as spiritual children; something is wrong.

The problem we have is when we do not focus of spiritual fathers and mothers, we reduce the idea of discipleship to a mere academia practice that is just like learning biology or chemistry. It is about learning information and the application of it for a designed purpose. It makes the whole experience one of education, not spirituality.

Discipleship is not something that can be done in Sunday School and it can not be done in our cell groups (that we ripped off from South Korea). It happens when people have the Elijah and Elisha relationship. Paul had a spiritual fathering role to Timothy. That is how it works best. One on one around the barbeque pit; not from the pulpit.

Discipleship as we know is brainwashing

I have long believed there was a fine line between the two. I went to what YWAM calls a “Discipleship Training School.” It is a course that is several months long that is focused on the fundamentals of the faith. The problem is it is based on information and not impartation. It is mostly teaching and required reading. This borderlines brainwashing. It is not just YWAM doing it, either. Almost every major mission group has the same unbibical concept.

When I went to bible college, I expected to have an educational experience. When I went to seminary, I am paying for the educational experience. When I am do discipleship, I expect to be more about mentorship than I do education. This is the problem with the model we have in most churches.

The Bible declares that God will turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. I am not sure how we think this will work when we are more focused on developing students than spiritual children in our churches. The reality is a pastor can not father a church from the pulpit; he can only present information and release impartation.

Churches that focus on training them with information are like a man that goes around town, getting women pregnant but then leaving town without being a parent to the child. We just end up with a generation that is very educated in the scriptures but have no fathers to guide them in spiritual things.

Raising up spiritual sons

I was saved in the Brownsville Revival. The main speaking in the meetings was Evangelist Steve Hill. He was mentored by Leonard Ravenhill. It was from that relationship that Steve became the man that could lead the greatest revival in American history. It was not going through school and getting information. It was that mentoring relationship that made the difference.

People wanted to share in Ravenhill’s mantle and carry his mandate to the Bride of Christ but they did not want to share in his sackcloth and ashes. They want to stand with him in the pulpit but they did not want to weep with him in the prayer room. Sons and daughters are those who also share the sackcloth and ashes with their spiritual fathers and mothers.

It was because of those times in prayer and mentorship that the Brownsville Revival broke out on Father’s Day 1995. It was an outpouring of everything that Steve Hill received from his spiritual father, Leonard Ravenhill. That is how true discipleship works.

I look back at the several things that I know that I am anointed to do and I received what I have from men that operated in that mentored me, not just reading books and watching videos. It is true that anointing can only be caught but not taught.

God opened the door for me to be mentored by the pastors that had the fastest growing church in America back in 1999-2001. It was a mentoring experience to be there and to be close to the leadership. It was about being a spiritual son. Due to that relationship, I learned the practicals of planting a mega-church in one of the most saturated markets for faith in the United States.

Discipleship is about spiritual sons and daughters. That’s all I am saying.

A.A. Allen on Pentecostal Prayer

Pentecostal prayer was at the heart of the healing revival. We like to call it “Korean Style” now but it it was very common in the healing revivals of the 1950’s. Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen was men of prayer before they were evangelists. Did you know that Dr. Roberts favorite song was “He walks with me?”

Pentecostal prayer is praying with expectation that the power of God will fall and lives would be changed by our communion with the Holy Spirit as we pray as the Lord gives us utterances. This is most commonly known as praying in tongues.

The hallmark of the Pentecostal movement was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of receiving a prayer language. In short, it was about Pentecostal prayer. The Pentecostal movement was primarily a prayer movement.

The revival of healing in the 1950’s was a product of the prayer movements in the early days of Pentecostal churches and more recently, the Latter Rain revival in Canada.

Pentecostal prayer

Pentecostal Prayer with A.A. Allen

If the Son of God must spend long hours of the night, when the rest of the world was sleeping, alone on the mountain top with His Father, in order that He might be able to cast out even those demons of whom He said, “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21), surely His disciple also must spend hours in fasting and prayer, waiting upon God — learning to think and act in unison with God — before he can expect to cast out such demons.

With those words, A.A. Allen tells us his position of the issue. He believed that we must practice Pentecostal Prayer to walk in supernatural power in our generation. The world is waiting for us to be filled with anointing to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils. It all starts in the secret place!

This is an the old term “tarrying” that we hardly hear anymore. What did it mean to tarry? We would pray all night for someone to be healed. It did not matter if we got home at 5am, as long as they got their miracle. We did not believe in drive thru Christianity that many are embracing today. Altar calls could go on for hours at a time. It was the breeding grounds for revivals that lasted weeks at a time.

Too many churches think that being Spirit filled is a cop out for their lack of Pentecostal prayer. This simply is not true. We need to pray more, way more, than we do. We need to get back to tarrying in the Holy Ghost for hours at a time. This is what Pentecostal Prayer is all about.

A.A. Allen, with all his problems, believed in tarrying for the presence of God. He did alot of things right. He could bring the anointing of the Holy Spirit to the people and the culture of Heaven would touch broken people here on earth. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit will anoint you but it is not a fix all, either.

oral roberts in the tent

Pentecostal Prayer was murdered by faith

I believe in the faith movement. I am very thankful for what God did in Tulsa and am proud to say I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University. However, I believe the concept of tarrying in the Spirit was killed by the faith movement. faith is now and we must expect God to move now. That is great but we gave up on Pentecostal Prayer because we wanted to have “Now Faith.”

In no way am I saying that we should not walk in faith; however, the faith message came at a very high cost to us. We lost some very important ideals that we really need to revive. Pentecostal prayer is one of those. We can’t live in the Spirit without it.

The old tarrying was about desperation. The new faith message was about expectation. I do not see them at war. We can pray in desperation and do it in expectation at the same time. It is possible. Really, it is.

The challenge is adding layers to our spirituality, not replacing them. As a classic Pentecostal, that is my foundation. I believe in the faith message. It is not a new foundation but an added layer to it. I believe in the renewal out of Toronto and Pensacola; they are new layers as well. When we understand layers of revelation; we will murder truth for a new emphasis anymore.

tent revival

We need a Pentecostal Prayer revival

I love what God is doing with Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer…even if it is not Pentecostal anymore. I love what God is doing with the soaking movement with Catch the Fire Toronto. However, the Pentecostal movements need a revival of Pentecostal prayer for ourselves. We need to get back to tarrying for the power from above!

Growing up, Friday night would be the all night prayer meeting at the church. We would pray in tongues and do what we saw in Acts 2 every weekend. It was play football then go to prayer meetings. No questions what the plans for Friday was in our family. Church do not have these anymore. Prayer meetings have been replaced with cell groups.

The Brownsville Revival did not happen because they were having great community meetings; it happened because they having great prayer meetings. John Kilpatrick has committed to praying and blessing America for years before revival broke out. Faithfulness in prayer is our became the bedrock for the revival.

There must be a renewal of Pentecostal prayer in our churches if we want to see wholesale revival break out in our church services and for the lost to coming to Christ. Nothing less will do the trick. It does not matter how cool our worship leader is and how revelant you think the sermon are. Only Pentecostal prayer will bring revival.


Suliasi Kurulo & Idolatry

Suliasi Kurulo is the senior pastor of World Harvest Centre based in Suva, Fiji. He is also the leader of CMF International or Christian Missionary Fellowship International. I attended his main church in Suva when I was living in Fiji. There was many things I saw that did not make me at ease. However, for reasons that wouldn’t be right in this article, I had to attend the services at least on Sunday morning.

Coming at the services as someone with a divinity degree and a undergraduate in Evangelism; I was not some native guy that just takes every fad in churches and slap “God’s pattern” on it. I question things in churches. I question everything. The bible tells us to do so. Pastors are to subject to the people they serve; not the people subject to the pastor they serve!

In alot of ways, it is just Rhema Bible Church but without Kenneth Hagin and a decade too late. It was much the ministry style I saw in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma back in the 1990’s as a teenager. A few cultural differences but that is about it. The same give everything you have and worship your pastor to get prosperity. I reject it then and I reject it now.

Suliasi Kurulo is the man of God

If you think this is very dangerous theology to stand on, you are right. However, CMF International has built the ministry on this questionable doctrine. Most pastors that was involved in it has repented and publicly stated it was not a New Testament dynamic. Suliasi Kurulo still teaches it and encourages it among his leaders.

Back in the Word of Faith movement, you would hear that you should not question the “man of God.” In him, you found your deliverance and your healing. The problem with these teachings was most, if not all, pastors are not prophets and none of them are living in the Old Testament. Today, all believers are the man (or woman) of God.

You do not attract God’s blessing from giving to a man, buying him a car, a house, or anything of the like. The blessing of the Lord is only attracted in the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no poverty in God’s presence. There is poverty in the presence of Suliasi Kurulo.

This type of teaching are all by dead in America’s churches. We have long repented of them and have returned the biblical emphasis on the presence of God, not the presence of a leader. However, word must travel slow in nations like Fiji Islands. Several major ministries are still teaching doctrines from the 1980’s that are misunderstood and some of them were just wrong, to be honest.

It is time we take some truths from the Word of Faith movement, check them out biblically, and apply them. Not everything was right but alot of it was. Take what was right and travel following the fire of God to what is the current emphasis of the Spirit of God.

Suliasi Kurulo is money hungry

I remember this more than anything. The emphasis on building, vehicles and money for the pastor was out of this world. It was more extreme than anything I saw in Tulsa and that is making a statement. Oral Roberts got this way and it almost destroyed his ministry too. City of Faith, once a medical center is now just an office building that was sold off for peanuts. However, that was pale compared to Suliasi Kurulo.

Every year, they have some crazy fundraiser that is only at least a million dollars and the church is expected to give him the money or they are bad Christians. They zone off the city and each zone is given a number they are expected to raise. Many of the members are completely gripped with fear so they suffer so the “man of God” can be blessed.

Nevermind that Fiji is one of the poorest countries in the Pacific and that because of unstable governments, the Fijian Dollar has completely tanked. Forget that most Fijians can’t even afford to fly to New Zealand or Australia. You can also forget that the ones with jobs make about $1.20 an hour. I find that few Fijians had any type of extra income or any types of savings. They are not prepared for a rainy day.

That does not matter to Suliasi Kurulo. He is flying all over the world. He is chatting with publishers for a book he wants to write (to generate more money for him). He is relaxing at a resort in the Yasawa Islands group.

Fear is never of the Holy Spirit

Much of the questionable doctrine coming out of CMF International is based in the Old Testament, a covenant that we do not live under and the Cross of Christ fulfilled. Under the New set of rules, there is NO fear, condemnation and shame for those in Christ Jesus.

You have no reason to fear a man like Suliasi Kurulo. From God’s point of view, you are the same: a person that came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. You are on a equal pane with him. He has nothing. Only the Spirit of God can touch you, heal you, deliver you, and transform you. The “anointing” is the Holy Spirit. He will come directly to you if you ask.

There is no reason to believe that giving money to a man will make God want to give you more. Giving does release blessing but proper giving. Giving to Suliasi Kurulo does nothing for anyone but Suliasi Kurulo. Find a ministry that really is focused on helping the poor in Fiji and are doing great things for the Kingdom, not building their own kingdom.

Anytime that a pastor is more well known than the ministry he leads, you should run as fast as you can. God wants to be the One known, not a pastor. He is the one that wants to be made famous, not a pastor. It is time we think this, Suliasi Kurulo.

Tim Tebow is a prophetic signpost

I believe that Tim Tebow is a prophetic sign from the Lord. He has alot of things that point us in this direction. He is a sign in the heavens and a wonder in the land. Just the fact that he is still playing football in the NFL is a kiss from Heaven.

I have been following Tim since I met him in Davao City, Philippines back in 2006. He had just started his college career at the University of Florida. What amazes me more than his football skills was his heart for people and his openness to the things of the Spirit. He was a baptist but he is not hard core, anti-Pentecostal baptist.

His father runs Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association in Jacksonville and has build Uncle Dick’s children home in Mindanao. Tim has come and spend some time here yearly to hang out with the children no matter what is going on the football world.

Tim Tobew was born as a miracle

For those of you who don’t know the story, Tim was born in the Philippines at one of the world’s leading hospital, Makati Medical Center (that I get treatment at myself). However there was medical issues with the pregnancy due to amoebic dysentery from bad water in Mindanao.

At one point, Pam (Tim’s mother) was told that she would be wise to go to the United States and have an abortion. Abortion was and is illegal in the Philippines. There was reasons to believe that having the birth could kill Pam. According to the doctors, the best they could hope for was a stillborn.

Pam pushed through with the pregnancy and on August 14, 1987; Tim Tebow and this Tebowmania was introduced to the world.

While you might not think it is a big deal; it is quite the deal actually. A child that was said to be dead on arrival lead the Denver Broncos two games from being World Champions. That is a huge deal.

It is a prophetic sign of the goodness of God. If you not believe me, just ask Bob and Pam Tebow. We do not know the stress they was under knowing they could have a baby be born dead. I have not been there but I know people who had miscarriages. It is very emotionally draining for them.

Tim has been a miracle time and time again through his life. He even was the cause of a state law in 1996 known as the Tim Tebow law. The man has been a lightning rod for the Lord.

He lived his campus life at the University of Florida very openly and let the whole world see his testimony of the goodness of God. The problem was the liberal couldn’t find any dirt on him beside when he missed a touchdown on Saturday.

At one point, he took personal responsibility for a loss than really was not his fault. As the team’s leader; he stood in the gap for them. He promised to play even harder and the rest of the season. He did what he said he would do.

Tim Tebow is a shadow of the things to come

There is one thing that Tim has become known for during his time at the University of Florida and later as a Denver Bronco. He specializes in fourth quarter comebacks. He had six of them in six games at one point.

In the same way, the Church is planned for a come from the middle of nowhere comeback in history. Things might look dark in the world with all the wars and rumors of wars. We might have riots, murders and rapes all over the place. However, the Bible says the the glory of the Lord will cover the earth like waters covers the sea.

At the two minute warning of human history, the people of God will raise in glory and authority, yes Pentecostal authority, and flip the world upside down. We will see a generation of John the Baptist come forth.

We will upset the planet as my friend, Eastman Curtis likes to put it. We will have the comeback of comebacks and be crown Champions.

Tim Tebow

Is Tim Tebow Spirit filled?

A question that comes up from time to time is if Tim Tebow is a spirit filled believer or as we call it, a Pentecostal? I did not ask him in our meeting at a restaurant in Davao. It was completely unplanned, no idea who he was, just another American just when I was there.

I have never heard that Tim state that he is filled with the Spirit and praying in tongues. I have no reason to believe that he even has a conviction of the End Time Harvest. Most Baptist do not. As far as I know he is just your model Southern Baptist.

What I do know is he is very open to the things of the Spirit and welcomes people who are Pentecostal. He has worships with us in many churches around America and in the Philippines. After all, before we are Pentecostals and Baptists; we are followers of Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow is with us at that level for sure.

Is there a day that he could be praying and fire of God could fall on him just like it did in Acts 2? Of course. He could be radical hit with the fire of God and walk and become the next Oral Roberts. We have no reason to believe that he couldn’t have that happen. I am sure that Tim would not mind.

There has been radical Pentecostals in the NFL before. One of the role models as a child was an amazing linebacker and a leader at his Pentecostal church. His name was Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, a Pentecostal is in the NFL hall of fame in Canton, Ohio.

Interestingly, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson are attending Pentecostal churches and Cam Newton has publicly said that he is baptized with the Holy Spirit.


Pentecostals are blood washed, not brainwashed

I am a Pentecostal. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to save, heal, deliver, and fill. I am washed by the blood of Jesus but I am finding too are closer to brainwashed. This is very concerning to me.

This is one reason I raise questions about World Revival Church in Kansas City and even IHOP University but it goes alot better than that. I am finding alot of saints that just can’t think logically about the scriptures and the things of the Spirit.

One group thinks they are Stanley Horton and think the trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Bible. They wouldn’t know the power of God if it hit them in the face. They are Pentecostal that would find a problem with the Azusa Street Revival! They would condemn anything that was not dead and lifeless theology.

The other group is just following whatever they hear. They hardly open their bible. They perfer to get their theology from Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar. Just remember, television ministries will preach anything to get the wallets open. Spots on the networks is not cheap. It is not cheap at all.


Pastors are brianwashed too

Do you follow your pastor? Do you know more about what your pastor teaches than Jesus? When I hear someone saying “Pastor ___ says that…” I tune out. I do not care about what your pastor says or what sermon series you think I should listen to by your pastor. I really don’t. Your pastor did not die for you.

I love listen to teaching quite well. I have hundreds of books on my Kindle. I quote theological books on here quite often too. I want to be a student of the Word as much as you do. However, I will never make my theology a collection of great quotes from Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle and Oral Roberts. I love them but they did not die on the Cross.

I love Orals Roberts University. I remember sitting in dozens of chapel services in Christ’s Chapel. I heard some of the greatest voice of revival and Pentecost in our generation. Richard Roberts, Rodney Howard-Browne, Reinhard Bonnke, and Tommy Barnett to name a few.

I also heard some people that don’t have such great theology as well. I remember walking out of the chapel over things said by people like Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and Fred Price. Sorry, I do not have Rolls Royce faith today, Fred.

If I took everything I heard people proclaim from the platform at chapel, I would be one confused guy. I would believe that prosperity was for be to get 4 houses and also believe that living as simple as possible was the biblical way.

My point is living by pastor’s sermon will make you one confused, crazy mess. You have to make sure you are living for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit; not the teaching of your favorite televangelist on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

UNITED STATES - AUGUST 29: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark., addresses the Republican National Convention in the Tampa Bay Times Forum on the night Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., republican vice-presidential nominee, delivered a speech to the crowd. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Be a Pentecostal, not a Republican

I am a Pentecostal. I am a Republican. I am not a Republican because I am a Pentecostal. One has nothing to do with the other. Jesus is not into political parties anyways.

When people try to tell me that they are o a party because God told them this or that; I see red flags coming up. You might hold your views based on your faith (as I do) but that does not mean God told you to be a member of the Republican party.

Gun Rights is a constitutional issue; it is not a biblical issue. God did not make the second amendment the 11th commandment back in 1776.  I believe in the second amendment because it is right and it is what our Founding Fathers envision; not what Jesus said.

When Christians make constitutional rights into biblical issues, all we do is look stupid to the liberals. Stand for what you believe and that can be an expression of your faith but it is not your faith directly.

When we mix them up, we look brainwashed, and only make Barack Obama look right about clinging to the bible and guns.

Being a Pentecostal does not mean we throw out logic and reasoning. Part of worship is with all your mind. That means you engage people with logic.


Pentecostals need to learn how to think.

Did I say that? I did. Paul told us to be ready to give reason for hope that lives within us. “The Bible says so” is not reasoning either. If we want to be effective in witnessing, we better rethink how we come across and quit being brainwashed by preachers.

We need to learn how to think, not what to think.

That means we have to start thinking about how to engage people on a mental level, not just a spiritual level. This is why I think a required reading of every bible school student should be Evidence that demands a verdict by Josh McDowell and Why Jesus? by Ravi Zacharias. They might be boring but they would do us a great service.

Being able to engage people with knowledge, not just words of knowledge will only make us more effective in our witness to a world around us that is growing to be more liberal and believe in atheism. “God said” is not going to cut it any more. Not in the 21st century. The Post-modern world is here.

Having knowledge on many subjects will only make us better Pentecostals. As a computer programmer, student of history, and former boxer; I have a much more well rounded approach to be a witness. Knowing the twisted world of boxing, I can do more than tell them they are going to hell. I can relate to them and reach to them with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have been where they have been. I know the corruption in the boxing sense. I know about the partying, the drugs, the drinking, the womanizing. I know what exactly they think about Christians. As a result, I know how to engage them and bring them to the foot of the Cross.

Please, don’t be brainwashed but be blood washed!