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Lessons I learned from Mike Francen

Some sixteen years ago, I was living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma working for a large church and doing street evangelism every night in Tulsa. I was reaching dozens of people for Christ right where they was. In a city that many have been hurt by the church, that is quite the remarkable statement. Continue reading…

Why gospel crusades are a failure

I believe in gospel crusades. I really believe in them alot. However, many times they are a failure.

The reason this is happening is not as simple as many think. It is because of in many cases, pastors lack a vision for the harvest. They see the gospel crusade as a mere excuse to practice personal evangelism. I can not tell you how many planning meetings I have been part of the pastors did nothing but spoke of “local church.” There was very little focus on the harvest, evangelism, and mission. It was just “grow my church.” Continue reading…

TL Osborn: Grandfather of Evangelism

T.L. Osborn was one of the most humble men I know and one of the most anointed I know. He had been all over the world and led more people to Christ than anyone in history but you would not know it chatting with him at a coffeehouse in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was just that humble.

The man is known as the grandfather of mass evangelism for a reason though. He lived for the gospel. He believe the soul winning was the chief calling of every believer. He is right too. We might not like the fact that we are to preach the gospel but that does not change the great commission. Preach the gospel and you must use words!

The purpose of a spirit filled life is to demonstrate the supernatural power of our living God so that the unsaved multitudes will abandon their dead gods to call upon the name of The Lord and be delivered. (T.L. Osborn) 

I remember the last time I saw him before he checked out for his heavenly reward. He was decicidating the new ministry center on Memorial in Tulsa. (The famous old one was part of the new highway project). I was struggling with doing a conference in Congo at the time. I have every reason to go but I also had every reason to not to go. He talked to me and with a smile on his face, “If you do not go, who will? They need the gospel.”  It was the tipping point for me to go to Congo.

TL Osborn was a man of faith & action

We all know that without works, our faith is dead but most of us still have a life void of any real works for the Lord. We do not do the great commission. We do not feed the hungry. We do not see visit those who are locked in their homes or in prisons. We know we should but we don’t.

Brother Osborn was always the sweet, loving, and compassionate guy that would kick up in the backside to remind us what the Bible told us about the gospel. I am not sure I have seen a person with a better grip on the issue on soteriology (doctrine of salvation) in my life. He had some serious revelation and it was all scriptural based.

He is the man you could not help but love. He has passion for the things of the Spirit, cared about people and have a devotion to the New Testament. He is everything a man of God should be.

He lived with a deep concern that we have preached faith, destroyed hope and ignore love in the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement. We pushed faith so much because lost hope if they did not see their naming did not become claiming.

The hallmark of TL Osborn was his commitment to preaching the compassion of Jesus, not the fire of hell. He did not have a problem with people preaching hell, fire, and brimstone but he focused on compassion as his niche of the gospel.

Every time I met him, I walked away with a deeper love for people, a deeper commitment to the great commission, and a deeper understanding of soteriology. That was the TL Osborn that I knew.

He understood the Pentecostal mission

There is only one purpose of pentecost; that is to effectively evangelize lost souls. (TL Osborn)

Those words would give us the heartbeat of Pentecostal ministries from Azusa Street and even since. The problem is many of the Spirit-filled ministries today are worried about everything but actually doing the Great Commission. Pentecost was always about reaching the lost at any cost.  He has a deep conviction that signs and wonders must confirm the gospel. The good news is Jesus had the same view on the subject.

The message was always at the core of anything that he did: the gospel of Jesus Christ. He did not try and make it creative. He believed the gospel presented just as it was powerful. He led more people to the cross that any man in history, including Billy Graham, in the process as well.

It was the simplicity of the gospel that was his hallmark. He did not live like most of the faith preachers of his era. He put as much money as he could in the gospel work around the nation. Until his day, his publication were made very cheap (and you could tell) so he could give away books to people in Africa.

TL Osborn changed the world

I had the privilege of standing next to him in Manila, Philippines when he came with Mike Francen for a gospel crusade in 2000. I was a young, big, buff guy that told to run “security” for him. I was more interested in impartation than security to be honest. After all, I though the angels were provided a hedge of protection pretty well myself.

The time I spend with him in the Philippines was a great time and it really changed some of my focus in life. It was not until years later that I was freed up to just do evangelism but one of the prophetic moments that made that happen was the four days I worked security for TL Osborn.

The people that he touched are many and I am happy to say I am in that company. I have many friends that also was touched over the years by him. He carried a mantle for evangelism that few have. That mantle has yet to be picked up. I wonder if the burden is too much for one man to bear.

I believe we need a movement of crusade evangelists that will answer the call to preach the gospel from the stadiums of the world and reach the lost at any cost. Men (and women) who will stand up and declare the saving, healing, delivering and touching power of the Holy Spirit to a world that is broken and downcast.

Healing is not a gift! : A response to Darren Wilson

Looking at my Kindle and I reading several books, one of them is Darren Wilson’s Filming God. I like Darren as a guy and I love to hear his journey out of unbelief into being “the defender of the miraculous.” He is alot like Randy Clark in alot of ways (minus the 1990’s haircut that Randy keeps)

When I am reading his book, I have remind myself that he is not a classic Pentecostal or someone raised in the Charismatic renewal. He was a good ole Baptist boy that questioned everything just a decade ago. His “mainframe” is your normal one that people who stand strong on healing have. The wiring is a different color.

I really am enjoying the book and most of his thoughts I agree…. but there is one that I have to passionately disagree with. I am sure Darren means well and I am sure this is his baptist roots kicking in. If someone even believe God could heal someone is radical in the Baptist movement. If you believe he would heal, you done lost your mind and went Dr. Ron Philips on everyone.

healing bonnke

Divine Healing is not a gift!

This is where I fall off the train with Darren, theologically. I understand where he is coming from. I do. I just do not see it biblically as he does. I do not see healing as a gift. More on that in a minute.

In my experience, the main hurdle many people must overcome before they will fully put their trust in a God who loves them enough that He might possibly heal them through miraculous means is to come to an understanding that He might not heal them. (Darren Wilson, Filming God) 

If you believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ (as I do), you can’t believe that God “might not” heal someone. Healing was paid for with the same blood as salvation. If God won’t heal you, He also did not save you. No one with any theological background (beside hard core calvinists) would not agree with that statement. Healing is part of salvation though.

At the heart of this discussion is what we call sozo. It is life to the soul and spirit but also to the mind (delivernce) and to the body (healing). It is complete transformation of the person. That is what salvation is.

Many will hold, “Divine healing is an integral part of the gospel. Deliverance from sickness is provided for in the atonement, and is the privilege of all believers.”

I agree with that with one little issue: privilege is too weak of a position. It is not just our privilege but is our birthright to be healed.

The fact of the matter is God loves to heal and in order to heal through us, he has to get healing to us. Miracles are just for you, they are to empower you so that miracles can flow through you.

The preaching of salvation with signs, wonders, and miracles was God’s design in the New Testament.


Healing is for you!

“Christ’s death on the cross not only provides for forgiveness of sin, but also healing for sickness. The One who gave you the gift of eternal life…is the same One who can heal your body.” Rev. Doug Clay

While Doug could not be considered a Benny Hinn type of any measurement, his thoughts are very powerful. This is coming from a man much more related to pastoral ministry than having an evangelistic signs and wonders ministry. In my view, pastors are normally the weakest on healing. (That’s another discussion)

When I hear a pastor made a blunt statement about healing like this, my ear pop open. Realizing it is not the common position for them; I know that the Holy Spirit must be speaking to them.

While I think saying that God can heal you is a copout, I do understand the reason for someone in a position of Clay would give the chicken exit. I am sure if I said the same about salvation; everyone would be completely up in arms. I have no idea what they do with the atonement.

The movement that Doug is part of is one that I was part of since the day I was born and I was saved in the Brownsville Revival. I love them but the Assemblies of God have become wimps when it comes to healing. Alot of Assemblies do not even preach it anymore. They prefer to talk about having your best life now and living with purpose.


Why Healing matters in revival?

We are a ministry committed to revival so why should we care about healing? It is not just an add-on on the evangelist’s menu of things to preach. It is the center of the message of the Kingdom of God. Healing is critical to winning the lost. As Mike Francen likes to put it, “A miracles settles the issue.” One miracle and the town repents and turns to God.

The reason that guys like Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke and Richard Roberts put so much emphasis on healing is that is one thing that will convince the masses more than a thousand sermons. Without the supernatural, Christianity is just a story of a guy that made some pretty outlandish claims. Miracles are what makes them legit.

I have seem it a dozen times. A chief in the village comes to a crusade, he is healed by the power of God, when the people see he is healed, they all come to the crusade and get saved. One miracle will truly save a village.

 Some of you have become arrogant, thinking I will not visit you again. But I will come—and soon—if the Lord lets me, and then I’ll find out whether these arrogant people just give pretentious speeches or whether they really have God’s power.  For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power. (Apostle Paul)  

Here is the video of Doug Clay about healing

Here is the promo for Holy Ghost Reborn by Darren Wilson

Crusade Evangelism is the only hope for the Philippines

Latter Rains is mostly about revival and issues hindering it from a prophetic point of view. However, from time to time, I discuss real issues that involved a spenic nation. I feel I have heard from God about the Philippines.

The Philippines, especially the Church, has a long history of jumping on the latest bandwagon. G12 churches are a perfect example of this. Before that, every pastor was preaching seed time and harvest like they was Kenneth Copeland. Back in the 1990’s, they were all caught in generational curses. Filipinos love trendy things.

The Philippines does not need trendy things, they need the power of the Holy Spirit alive in their live to transform them. Nothing else will do it. Being part of the G12 churches won’t do. Preaching seed time and harvest won’t do it. Breaking generational curses won’t do it.

Philippines need crusade evangelism

The history of the Pentecostal movement in the Philippines really starts around the 1950’s. An Evangelist named A.A. Allen came with his healing revival under the gospel tent. He preached that Jesus saved, heals, and delivers. Thousands came to Christ within 10 days. News got back to America, Oral Roberts, R.W. Schambach, T.L. Osborn and others rushed to the Philippines and did crusades. Within a five year window; over 100,000 people came to Christ. In the 1950’s, that was a sizeable portion of the population.

Teaching ministries started to come and do meetings. One of them would be Dr. Lester Sumerall, a preacher that was known for his teaching gift. A young boy was demonized and was bought to him in a meeting. Sumerall did what anyone should do: cast out the devil and set the man in his right mind.

What happened next was the root system for what would become Cathedral of Praise. They would become a launching pad for evangelism for many decades afterward. They also served as a house for people to come and receive teaching as the Holy Spirit led them.

Today, it is the largest church in all of the Philippines. In 2000, they helped faciliate the great day of harvest in the nation’s history. Mike Francen returned with Dr. T.L. Osborn; a key leader from the 1950’s revival and filled Jose Rizal Baseball Park with new souls.

Philippines needs Evangelists

What is solely lacking in this country is Evangelists like A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts that heal the sick and preach the gospel with miracles following. The Philippines has no real evangelists. They have pastors tripping over each other to steal members from one church to another. G12 churches have built their movement on stealing members from other churches. However, where are the crusade evangelists?

Where are the Filipino Reinhard Bonnkes, Daniel Kolenda, Rodney Howard-Browne, Benny Hinn and Todd Bentleys? They are nowhere to be found.

The Philippines needs evangelists!




People Skills in Missions

Today’s lesson living as a Christian cross culturally is about people skills and why they are at enemy with the anointing. Did I really say that? Yes!

The anointing is God’s calling on your life. You have been marked is what the bible calls it. When you are marked, it is like the FBI is following you. You can’t get rid of them….even if you try.

The anointing will break the yoke of bondage, call sinners to repentance, do signs and wonders, heal the sick, and even raise the dead. The anointing will make a way for you. It does every time. It has for me.

Anointed for People Skills

Here is the problem. Most ministries do not success because they are carry a strong anointing. They are successful because they have strong people skills.

In the spiritual realm, this is called a political spirit. To be blunt, having the ability to “win friends and influence people” does not mean you are anointed to heal the sick and raise the dead.

Joel Osteen is a guy alot of people like to pick on. He has mastered the political spirit of using people skills in ministry to a tee. He used people skills and the “law of attraction” to gather a huge following.

Am I saying that Joel has no anointing? Not at all. Am I saying he used people skills to get where he is, at least in part. Yes I am.

I also believe he is just receiving a harvest that his dad sown but that is a different discussion.

People Skills make or break missionaries

Having the people to move in a political spirit and built a gathering of people who not only love you but like you is critical in missions. I am not talking about locals here, either.

No missionary will remain on the field unless they are self-supporting (as I am), is the son of Bill Gates, or has people skills. I am mainly in the first group.

If you are in the last group, no matter how much you dislike it; you have to have a element of people skills to make it in ministry. I found out the hard way.