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Should Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding be rejected as heretical?

Bethel Church, Uncategorized

A question many have is what to do with the teachings of Bethel Redding in light of their eschatological bent toward Partial Preterism and...

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Developing a Revival eschatology : Response to Kris Vallotton

Eschatology, Revival

Kris Vallotton put out an article about things he has as values about the end times or eschatology. People from time to time ask about it...

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Mike Bickle is wrong about Ted Cruz

Prophecy, Revival, Testimonies

I generally respect Mike Bickle but this thing with Ted Cruz is out there. I am not sure why Mike is even getting into this...

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Mike Bickle believes in Kingdom Now?

Ecclesiology, Revival

There is a debate in a corner of Facebook about IHOP, Mike Bickle and Kingdom Now theology. Some people believe a few quote or a short clip...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation