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Prophetic Dream: New Wine is about to pour out again!


Last night, I had a dream that I believe is prophetic. God is about to pour out new wine again in ministries. Things are going to get very...

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John Paul Jackson, Perfect Storm and California earthquakes

Prophecy, Uncategorized

Disclaimer: I have no real relationship to speak of with John Paul Jackson. I met him three times. Twice were at conferences and the other...

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Q & A with Peter Vandever


The following is the list of some of the most asked questions about his history in revival and world evangelism. I hope this helps people...

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7 Cities of Refuge in the Coming revival :)


We hear a lot about cities of refuge for immigration in the news and even California becoming a state of refuge but do you know the concept...

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Todd Bentley’s “Saint revival” a hope or a heresy?

Eschatology, Prophecy

To be honest, the jury is still out with me on what to do with Todd Bentley. I am not in the “false prophet” camp about him but...

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IHOPKC and Gnosticism : Is the prayer movement just a second century revival?

Church History, Featured, IHOPKC, Missiology, Theology

I get messages on Facebook and email every few days about Mike Bickle, IHOPKC and the complete prophetic movement about Gnosticism. Most...

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