Tag: Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart : Should he be embraced?

Assemblies of God

Jimmy Swaggart is a polarizing figure. Without question, he has his following. Many older Pentecostal love his ministry because it...

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Developing a Revival eschatology : Response to Kris Vallotton

Eschatology, Revival

Kris Vallotton put out an article about things he has as values about the end times or eschatology. People from time to time ask about it...

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Marvin Gorman passed away at 83.

Assemblies of God, Testimonies

Many of us might not remember Marvin Gorman, I hardly do, but he passed away today. He was a pastor in Baton Rouge that has issues with...

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Grace Brumley (Larsons) is emerging in worship!

Worship Leaders

I have been seeing a lot of worship videos of Grace Larsons that is now Grace Brumley. She is a worship leader based in Baton Rouge,...

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Kansas City Prophets revisited

Church History, Ecclesiology, Prophecy, Revival, Vineyard

You might know about IHOP in Kansas City and its’ leader, Mike Bickle but they didn’t come out of nowhere. It started twenty...

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