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Calvary Chapel’s Greg Laurie becomes Southern Baptist? : A Pentecostal response

Pentecostal News

Greg Laurie has been a poster child to Calvary Chapel for many years. He has now jumped ship to become South Baptist. This is not a big...

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Higher Levels = Higher Devils: A response to Shawn Bolz about Pentecostal deliverance


I like Shawn Bolz. I want to say that from the start. I have defended him to Pentecostals that question some of his teaching. I have...

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Don’t send it on down!


If you have been in an old Pentecostal church, you have heard the old song, “Send it on down.” I have to admit that I have a...

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Jill Austin changed my life!

Healing, Missiology, Revival

Jill Austin, a prophetic voice to the nations, changed my life. It was an interesting meeting as I had known her on several levels: from...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation