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The HARSH truth about Jezebel fixation in the Charismatic Church


If you are in the Charismatic movement for very long, you will hear about this obsession people have with Jezebel. There are whole...

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Civility: A call to biblical behavior in our discussions.


Azusa Report was started in an attempt to look through the smoke and find the fire in the Pentecostal church. The movement is a mess right...

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Jezebel Spirit? : Statement from Azusa Report

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There has been a lot of discussion happening over email and Facebook about the series I did on Jezebel recently and some good friends...

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Healing the Narcissist: Overcoming accusation of Jezebel


One of the hardest things for someone to heal from is being called a Jezebel from someone that look up to or was in leadership. The damage...

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