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IHOPKC : Doctrinal and missional concerns of the prayer movement

Theological Discussions

I was on staff at the International House of Prayer from September 1999 until March 2005. I am very thankful for my time at IHOPKC. It was...

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What the Vineyard churches taught about community : Broken state of the Ekklisía of the United States


I am a Pentecostal. I will never deny that. However, I also am open and minister in the other streams. Having grew up around Metro...

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7 things I learned from Mike Bickle

Missiology, Prayer

Mike Bickle was my pastor for quite some time. He imparted alot of practical knowledge, wisdom and prophetic revelation into me. I was just...

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Corey Russell and the glorious!


Of all the people in the IHOPKC community, I have to say the favorite one for me to be around Corey Russell. That guy just make me more...

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Why the prayer room matters!


One of the most important things in my young days of doing this thing we call “ministry” was being part of the International...

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Allen Hood and the Emmaus Road

Prayer, Revival, Theology

I like Allen Hood. I might bust up everytime he says God but I still enjoy to listen to him give a message that he believes in. He is a...

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