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Miracles become common: Thoughts on Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley, that wild, crazy, bearded evangelist from Canada. He is seeing miracles in Pakistan. I always love to see the miraculous happen right before our eyes. There is something about when you have someone that is crazy enough to believe God at His word and you mixed that with one of the most radical Islamic cultures. It is a recipe for revival and world evangelism.

I am not say that I endorse Todd Bentley’s theology or agree with him on every issue. In fact, in many ways, we disagree on some pretty important issues but healing and deliverance is not on that list. He know how to get the power of the Holy Spirit to fall like fire….like in Acts 2. God confirms the gospel in Todd’s meetings.

His past and even his failed marriage (and re-marriage) does not bother me too much. Charles Fox Parham was a racist child molester, Aimee Semple McPherson walked out on her husband, A.A. Allen was a drunk, Kathryn Kuhlman was divorced and had moral issues… the list goes on. God uses us inspite of our problems. Our attempts are holiness are rags, filthy and nasty rags at that.

Am I saying it was ok? Not at all. I am saying it is under the blood. When we came to Jesus singing “come just as you are;” it does not change once you get saved. It is just come to Jesus as you are.

Todd Bentley praying

Todd Bentley and Miracles in Pakistan

I have been following Todd’s ministry trip to Pakistan and have a friend that is there. Pakistan is also a special nation to me. It is a key in the natural (anti-terrorism) and in the spiritual. I know that country and in their soil is memories I would rather not have.

I see the miracles happening and I see the masses coming to Jesus. That is what I love about Todd. With all his issues, he still preaches the gospel with power and authority. Many are coming to Christ in the meetings and many are being healing and delivered because Todd will stand and pray “come Holy Spirit, come.” That is nothing but positive.

Do I question that all 60,000 decisions are new believers? Of course but if only half of those are new converts; that is still huge for Pakistan. The Angels throw a party when even one get born again. People are getting saved because of Todd’s willingness to go to the country believing for miracles.

What I have always liked about Todd, despite his issues, has his heart in the right place to just be used by God. There is something to be saved to someone with their heart positioned to the Holy Spirit and say “Here I am, Send Me. I will go anywhere you want me to go.” That willing spirit will anoint you far more than having flawless theology.

I have friends who have as sound of theology as they come but that doesn’t mean that I would hand them a microphone in a healing meeting. You can’t give what you do not have. If someone needs healing, they don’t need a bible study.

todd bentley ministry

Miracle workers and holiness

First of all, we are made holy by being born again. Holiness is not something we do. Our holiness is based on Christ living in us, not how we dress, speak or how good manners we have. Alot of people confused good southern manners and Midwestern hospitality with holiness.

Without said, many people before us had issues but they were still used mighty because they were willing. There was evening that A.A. Allen was too drunk that he had to ask Don Stewart to preach the message. I am not talking drunk in the Holy Spirit either. Aimee Semple McPherson disappeared for a week just to get in the newspaper because she need some publicity.

The list could go on about people that God used to reach their generation that had major character flaws. I think John Alexander Dowie would take the award. He died claiming he was Elijah in the flesh. Guess what, he was critical to the healing theology of the Pentecostal movement.

What I saying? Having a “holy life” (or what we call moral purity) is a good thing to preach but God has used alot of people in their weakness. History is full of examples and guess what? The bible is full of screw ups like Moses, David, and Peter as well.

Miracles are through you

Miracles are not for you. They are through you. It is about impartation. Your healing is not for you. It is so you can give away what you have received. When you are healed, you have the testimony, the rhema word for healing to the world. Your deliverance is a testimony of God’s power; not just so you can live a little “cleaner.”

I am convinced that the world do not care about how Christianity makes you have better homes and garden. if that is what they want, all they need to do is tune into Dr. Phil. What they need is the power of God. Does Jesus still do what the Bible says about him.

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.

The world wanted to know if this Jesus we talk about still will heal their sick baby and if He can deliver their son that is addicted to crack. They do not need to know how to have better “community,” they need the power of God to break the spirit of shame and fear over them. That is our assignment.

The world is looking for a people of God that actually represent Jesus: healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out devils. They have read the gospels or seen movies about Jesus. They are waiting for us to show them the “stuff” as John Wimber would put it. How long will they wait?

Jill Austin changed my life!

Jill Austin, a prophetic voice to the nations, changed my life. It was an interesting meeting as I had known her on several levels: from the platform, mutual friends and ending up in her kitchen prophetically.

I never tried to make the meeting happen. I am sure I could have. I had enough contacts to do it and our family was pretty connected at the International House of Prayer and we know Mike . It would have been as simple as a few phone calls to make it work. I didn’t do that as I wasn’t really interested in making a meeting happen.

Jill is one of those prophetic people that are well, different. She is radical and far more spiritual than she will ever let you know and she saw much more in the natural and supernatural than anyone realized. She was in the middle of the Jesus People movement and was close to Lonnie Frisbee at one time. How amazing is that?

How I ended up in Jill Austin’s kitchen?

It would have been around 2005 or so. I was living back in Kansas City and by divine appointment, I met a Jewish brother that was in Kansas City healing up from some stuff that happened. I would drive around Kansas City with him sometimes and one night he got a call from Jill to come by her house.

I had been in her house before. I didn’t think much about it but one thing led to another and I was having dinner with Jill Austin. I did not know Jill on the “come over and let’s have dinner” level but here I was. I am not much into the celebrity christian thing so it I was not like worshipping the prophetess.

What I did know is this was a repeat of the whole Mike Bickle/Bob Jones/Art Katz event back in 1983 minus the snow in the spring. I was not making a huge thing of it but I was aware of it and I knew the anointing on Jill’s life. I honored it and I knew it was only by divine call that the Holy Spirit put me at her dinner table when I was suppose to be getting ready to lead a prayer set at IHOP.

A few years before that, I met one of God’s Generals, RW Schambach, and have met many other spiritual statesmen. I know one thing when someone who has seen and heard what they have: sit down, shut up, and soak in their knowledge.

I was in no hurry and I was not going to be the FBI and cross examine her. I led Jill lead the discussion and it turned to what I had hoped for: Lonnie Frisbee and the early days of Jesus People. I wanted to know more about him and there is not much eye witness information out there. As she talked about it, all I could hear was her yelling, “Nations. Nations.” from the platform. If you knew Jill, you know what I mean.

Jill Austin releases destiny

As I was eating, I was wondering why I was there. Was it just to hear about Lonnie Frisbee which was very important for me at the time? Was there more to it? After all, my motto for ministry back there was “There must be more!” Why did the Holy Spirit really make me very late for leading a prayer set?

As I was leaving, Jill wanted to lay hands on me. I know one thing: anyone that anointed ask to pray for you; you have all the time in the world. Impartation is real and it really can be transferred. The power of impartation is for you and for today!

As she laid hands on me, I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit come on me and my left arm started to burn. It means nothing to you but feeling in my left side is weak at best. The burning consumed my body to the point that I could hardly pray in tongues. Here was Peter, the 6’3″ 240 pound boxer than never went off his feet and my knees gave out and I was laying on the floor knocked out by the power of God!

I did not see angels, go to heaven or have open visions. I just was knocked out and getting downloads from the Lord about healing ministry. The Holy Spirit showed me things about my grandfather’s healing ministry that I had never heard. Later, my grandmother and other confirmed these.

Jill Austin

Everything changed that night

Shortly after that, Jill would go through a wild chain of events. She would move from Kansas City to Los Angeles, be wounded by a pastor, confront the spirits over California, come back to Kansas City, and get sick and pass away on a visit to a city she lived in for many years. The next time I would see Jill was at her memorial service.

I went on a quest to undig some of the stories about my grandfather’s ministry that no one talked about. He just lived for the next miracle, never really caring to talk about the last hundred he saw. He also had to protect his ministerial affiliation. Miracles were troublesome at the district office sometimes. I am eternally grateful for TL Osborn that filled in the blanks for me.

I can’t point to a direct impartation that I got that night but I can say that it started me on a path to dig alot of stories and testimonies out that I would not have known otherwise. In that quest, I got many touches from the Lord through impartation that I do not think I would have ever got without that night eating dinner at the home of Jill Austin.

On a side note, Jill believed that she would get married in 2009. Well she did. She met her Bridegroom, the Bridegroom Jesus Christ in 2009. I still miss hearing her yell “Nations. Nations. Do you burn for nations?”

Todd Bentley & Frenso Outpouring

I know they would be coming. Questions Todd Bentley, his Pneumatology and Missiology. They came during Lakeland and they are coming again. Some people are lining up to yell heretic and others are living up to hear BAM! After all, BAM! is the new FIRE from the Brownsville Revival.

Personally I get concerned when I see leaders line up to endorse a guy like Todd. If Lakeland taught use anything, as question as they endorse; they will condemn at the first sign of trouble. Leaving the big names in ministry out of the loop is best. Plus, we are contending for a nameless and faceless generation.

Just as the people in Malta operating under a demonic prophetic anointing declared that Paul was a murderer (throwing the past in his face), the same is true of many of the heresy hunters in the blogshpere. What happened in 2009 is over. The mercies of the Lord is new every morning and today is a new day in the Spirit of God.

todd bentley- Holy Spirit

Does Todd Bentley have a Pneumatology problem?

He does. However, I will take someone full of the Holy Spirit and just believes God at face value over some dead Pentecostal preacher that would not know revival if it hit him in the face. Many of the pastors in the Assemblies of God rejected the Brownsville Revival. That tells you a little bit about discernment on their part. It is always easier to steer a moving boat than it is turn from a dead stop.

I do not share some of Todd’s ideas on having lattes with the Apostle Paul, Angels just chilling with him on a hot summer day, and some of the impartation of church history.

Pneumatology has been an area of weakness for many healing evangelists over the years, You can look at Charles Fox Parham teaching Oneness, Aimee Semple McPherson wierd ideas, William Branham ideas on angels, A.A. Allen telling everyone they have a devil and Lonnie Frisbee’s odd ideas as well. While Todd is in a list of people who some rather special ideas on the Holy Spirit. He is in a good company of saints through the Pentecostal movement.

I have been in many meetings with Todd Bentley. I am there to receive what the Lord has for me but I am not about to throw away my bible to do it. God will never tell you to check your brain at the door.

todd miracle

What is the missiology of Todd Bentley

From what I know, He has pretty close to the same view that we do at Latter Rains; we are marching towards the great end time harvest that all Pentecostal movements hold. Todd believes, as I do, we are heading towards a ONE BILLION soul harvest. I would say alot of that theology is grounded in a prophetic word that Mike Bickle received in Eypgt. God said He would change the understand and expression of Christianity in one generation.  What I know from Todd’s missiology is close to what many of us in the Latter Rain hold. God will pour out his Spirit beyond measure to a people without mixture.

If you was to asked me the missiology of Todd, my guess would to live out Matthew 4:23 in the nations. Go amazing works in the world with signs, wonders, and miracles. Jesus came to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils. He also gave us the same assignment as well. If we are not doing it; that is called sin.

Before you throw stones at Todd, consider this was much of the same view of people like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham. A.G. Garr was touched at the Azusa Street Revival and within weeks he was leaving for India to take message of Pentecost to them. This is nothing new.

todd bentley

My take on Todd Bentley

He has his problems, both personally and theologically, but one thing Todd knows how to do it hosting the Holy Spirit. He does not get in a hurry to do anything and if he feels the people need to soak in the glory of God; he will soak no matter who is watching.

One thing I do admire about Todd is he is willing to forget preaching if the Holy Spirit is moving and God is building people’s faith without anyone teaching. This is something most pastors and even evangelists just can’t get enough freedom to do.

Before you throw stones at Todd, remember the Bible is full of screw ups and we do a disservice to over spiritualize people’s problems in the Bible. After all, we are just as much God’s people!

Spirit of Prophecy is the power of testimony

I love the prophetic ministry. I love hearing God speak to us. I love the spirit of prophecy.

I will never get why some people want nothing to do with the prophetic. It just does not make sense to me. Personal prophecy can release destiny over your life. Sometimes, it is just easier for God to use a stranger to read our mail than fight through our insecurities and doubts.

One of the pastors that I love to hear preach on the prophetic is Bill Johnson from Bethel Redding. The reason that I love him is he is not a prophetic person himself but has been the assignment from the Holy Spirit to mentor them and lead a company of prophets.

If you have been around prophets as long as I have, you know this is no easy task. Everything is a prophetic showdown like Elijah had at Mt. Carmel. They can never be, can we say, normal people?

Spirit of Prophecy is a cycle

It starts with God has touched you, you tell your God Story, someone you hardly know grabs hold of your story, applies faith to it, believes God to do in their lives and they are radically touched just like you was. This happens all the time.

The bible calls this an impartation, one of the core values of the first century church. Paul (we believe it was him) called it an elementary teaching of the Church. It was right in the list with repentance, faith, communion, the rapture, and White Throne of Judgement. Can we agree those are pretty important things to be list with?

Now that we can know this is not some crazy idea of a Pentecostal getting too much pizza at Godfather’s or too many shots of espresso at Parena Bread; we can see the biblical release of the spoken word. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God!

Living in Tulsa and going to Oral Roberts University, you are around alot of people that believe in rhema words. That is the Word of God speaking directing to you. Every word from the Lord is prophetic in nature in the way that it can create a miracle in your life. You just have to love the risk that people from Rhema Bible Institute and others will take to do might things to bring glory to Jesus!

Without turning this into an overly complex study of Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Latin; there is two words in the biblical languages that really are powerful: Rhema and Kairos.

Rhema means the Word of God comes alive. You read that God will supply all your needs and it comes alive as the Word is empowered by your measure of faith.

Kairos means that you receive a word that is for the right person at the right place at the right time.

What we need today in the Church is people who have the Rhema Word in the Kairos moment. That is the times that revival can break out, miracles can become common and the lost will be falling on their faces at McDonalds and Wal-Mart repenting of their sins.

Blood of Jesus- Word of testimony

Spirit of Prophecy makes you an overcomer

Have yo ever thought about Revelation 12:11? What does it really mean? This is a passage I do not hear much of anymore and it bothers me. It has the creative ability to change lives if we let it.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…

If you notice the victory was not just the blood of Jesus. The power of Cross is amazing but God wants us to partner with Him as Co-heirs and as co-laborers with Christ. He wants the word of our testimony. It can be noted that it says our testimony, not His.

When you tell of your past victories in the Holy Spirit, you are building your faith for future victories that are better and better. Never discount your God stories. They carry the prophetic word to set the captives free.

Too many believers turn into Calvinists when it comes to the supernatural. God wants to do it but He wants us to be part of His deliverance. We are called by God to be actively involved in our own miracle and provision.

When your will and His will come in agreement, anything can happen and it probably will but you have to release your faith and your testimony so the Holy Spirit can meet you at your point of faith.
Oral Roberts 1970

How to go in the spirit of Prophecy

If you want to grow in your testimony, you need to let the testimony of Jesus grow in you. A great place to start that process (besides the Bible) is reading some of the old books by Dr. Oral Roberts, a pioneer in the Faith movement.

It was listen to the many of the classic message from Oral’s tent days that put the message of Faith in my spirit. God increases our faith for the supernatural. Oral Roberts and Bill Johnson would be on the same page, ” The Holy Spirit is a river, not a lake.”

The other book that I read that just transformed me was a little booklet called Faith’s Testimony by Dr. TL Osborn, a man that saw more people come to Christ in his lifetime than anyone in history, including BIlly Graham. He is known as the Grandfather of mass evangelism.

There is many others that have great bodies of work on growing in faith but that two are a great place to start growing in your faith for miracles.

Of course, I would amiss if I didn’t mention Bill Johnson’s book, Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind as well. It is a new version of alot of what Oral Roberts taught in the 1960’s. Plus you will probably have a much easier time finding Bill’s book than you would some of Dr. Robert’s and TL Osborn’s stuff.

Good luck in your journey into the spirit of prophecy

William Seymour’s Divine Connection

While in Ohio, he spend time learning about entire sanctification and Church of God Evening Light disregard for movements and fellowship. He seem to be happy and was ready to settle down there and start being a holiness preacher. There was nothing that would point us to believe otherwise….besides he tend to move around alot.

While at some point in 1903, he got a letter from his family asking him to join them. They had moved from Lousiana to Houston, Texas. No one is sure why but it is assumed it was for economical reasons. Jobs for black Americans were not common in rural Louisiana.

However, there would be another reason: racism was alive in well in Louisiana. We have no reason to believe the issue surrounding Anthony Crawford murder was not happening across the southern United States. He was a very successful black businessman in the cotton industry. He wanted fair pricing and because of them he was beated, dragged through the black part of the town, tied up to a tree and shot by over 200 white people in the town. His family run for their lives to the North.

Back then, Texas was a little better at enforcing the new laws during Reconstruction. It is my guess that this was a major reason that the family landed in Houston. It is important to note that Houston was not a large city with the Oil industry and NASA back then. It was a little over 40,000 people at this point.

Houston Texas 1900

William Seymour meets Lucy Farrow

He wanted to find a place to worship Jesus in Houston. He ultimately came to gather at a holiness church pastored by Lucy Farrow. I am sure where he learned his view on women in ministry as it was not common in those days. However, he did attend the church pastored by Farrow while in Houston.

Sometime in 1905, she would go to work for Charles Fox Parham in Kansas. Unsure of what to do with the fellowship in Houston, she asked Seymour to lead it. At this point, we know nothing of public ministry or that he even felt a call to the ministry. It was said he could hardly preached with the Holy Spirit baptism; it would never even been worse without it.

After about eighteen months or so, Lucy returned. I am sure everyone was happy to have someone that could speak back. However, she came back with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This would be William’s first encounter with someone actually praying in tongues. He did not know what to do with it. He just didn’t have a grid for it.

What he did know was Farrow was preaching with more boldness, authority and wanted more of the presence of the Lord in her lives and through her preaching. That made him start to ask questions and desire more of the Holy Spirit in his life as well.

This would later become a pattern in the Pentecostal revival. People saw someone they knew was transformed and they wanted what they had.

Charles Fox Parham

Seymour meets Charles Fox Parham

One thing you need to know about Parham was he had some issues; Spirit filled or not. He was quite the racist and later was believed to be a child molester. However, the good news is God uses the weak and the broken. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers you but having it does not make you perfect.

Many historians clean up Church History and claim it was Jim Crow laws that caused Parham Fox’s behavior. I do not believe that. He is just quite the racist. It is as simple as that. Other accounts of Parham  later in life prove this to be true.

No matter where you stand on the racism and Charles Fox Parham , we know that he would not allow Seymour in the class so William listened from the hallway. Nothing was going to keep him from receiving everything the Lord wanted to do in his life. He would be mistreated for being black before he would missed the blessing of Heaven.

At some point, Seymour came to believed that the initial physical evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit was the ability to pray in tongues. He was convinced long before he actually received the baptism of the Holy Spirit himself.

A common trend that we see in William’s life is his hunger for the things of the Holy Spirit. He did not care what stood in the way, he would overcome them. He didn’t care if he had to listen to a racist preacher from Kansas to get an impartation. He would going to do it!

weeping revival

Are you ready to pay the price?

What will you do to get a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit? If you want to get more of the Lord in your life, you need at identify what is hindering you from receiving revelation. It might even be something like Parham struggled with: racism. If you care more about the person delivering the word of God than the word itself; that could be your hindrance.

One thing I see among the revivalist over history is that all of them would let nothing stand in their way of getting all the Lord had for them. John Wesley was touched on a boat to America by a Moravian missionary that “very sorrowful and heavy in heart.” Peter Cartright walked miles to the Red River meeting house. Charles Finney sit in a dead prayer meeting for six months before he was touched.

If you will determine to not let anything stop you from receiving from the Lord, you will get what you ask. We know that the Word teached to ask, seek and knock. It does tell us that He will answer us if we come to Him in expectation for the Holy Spirit to touch us, fill us, and transform us by His glorious light. We can sure that God is the giver of all good gifts.

Count the cost then pay the price!

William Seymour & his inheritance of freedom!

I helped a guy brainstorm about SEO (doing better on Google) and to my surprise, he gave me a $30 gift card for my Amazon Kindle. So I picked up a couple books on William Seymour for the blog. I want to really zero in on the life of the man that started the Azusa Street Revival.

If everything goes as planned, I will focus on the man for a few weeks then we will focus on the revival for a few more weeks.

What could this man born 50 miles outside of Lafayette, Louisiana in a town called Centerville that today is a main city today with a booming 1,976 people have to with revival? Who knows what the population was in May 2, 1870. It was probably a few hundred at best.

Like Jesus, the events around his birth hardly speak of anything of importance to become of him. In you look at the natural, he is destined to become a cotton farmer or some other job that required alot of hard labor. Nothing to do with church or ministry whatsoever.

In fact, he grew up just like any other black kid in Lousiana in the 1870’s’ there was nothing special that you could think do….really.


William Seymour’s seed of freedom

Wait, there was one thing if you notice generational blessings and impartation. His father fought in the civil war for the North so he children could live in constitutional freedom. Simon Seymour was one of the fifteen thousands blacks who fount for freedom on their own free will. He was part of the Corps d’Afrique.

Simon gave his life to the United States in Louisiana and Florida until September 1866 when he was discharged and all of his family was free and citizens of the United States.

When his parents got married, while free was still educated; only drawing a X for their name. It was all they could do.

The prophetic act of Simon in the Civil War to give his family freedom was something that not only William Seymour inherit but also Rosalie, Simon, Amos, Julia, Jacob, Isaac and Emma. They received what they did not labor for because someone came before and did it on their behalf.

He was probably raised in Roman Catholicism with several mixes of African Voodoo. It is safe to say that even though he was a recieptance of the inheritance of freedom; he was raised in a environment of superstition no matter if it was Catholic idol worship or voodoo witchcraft.

However, the voodoo very well may have been used by God to create in William a desire for miracles, signs and wonders. He are getting the application of Pentecost long before he got the message of Pentecost.

Freedom does not come without setbacks. As a young boy, he watched the United States Army pull out of Louisiana. They were replaced with what we call Jim Crow laws: no voting, no education, no jobs. His inheritance of freedom has took a serious hit to say the least.

The teenage years of William Seymour saw the complete withdraw of military from Louisiana in exchange for the white citizens voting for Rutherford B. Hayes as the President of the United States. When it happened, what little progress that was made for the new Americans was history. No enforcement means no opportunities.

At the age of 26, William Seymour went to Indianapolis, Indiana. He had heard that black people could work, vote and have places to lives. He ended up working three jobs to make a living: Bates House, the Denision House and the Grand Hotel


William Seymour’s Inheritance of freedom is a testimony

Alot of people do not like to talk about it but it is a testimony of keeping faith and receiving what you have been imparted with. He was born to be a free man. That did not come easily. It has its set backs, its struggle, and its challenges.

When you receive an impartation to go futhur faster in the Spirit; you can expect there to be a time of testing. It will not be a free ride and an easy walk in the park. It might even be the hell it was for William Seymour. Challenges will come.

Don’t forget the the people of God went around the mountain for a generation and that Jesus went into the wilderness for over a month with the spiritual inheritance of being God’s only Son. If Moses did it and Jesus did it, you will have to do it as well. Just prepare for that.

As William’s legal freedom was his inheritance, your spiritual freedom is yours. You will get your breakthrough. He is planned in Heaven and the angels are on assignment for you. The question is not if but when.

The highest life expectancy a man can live is to commune with with God, being born again and being filled with God’s Spirit. – William Seymour.


Inheritance comes in many ways

A father can leave for his only son all his money and land so he can do more in life faster that he could otherwise. That’s his inheritance. The same is true for spiritual father to a spiritual son. Lester Sumerall could do more in the Spirit because he had the impartation from Smith Wigglesworth.

America is a nation of inheritance and impartation. In our universities and college, we give scholarships and grants. They are a type of inheritance. We are helping the young person speed up their ability to make change in society but our gifting them a seed offering.

I pray that we never need to have another generation that need an inheritance of legal freedom but every generation must get their own inheritance of spiritual freedom. Your momma’s deliverance just won’t cut it. You have to have your own encounter.

I believe there are many like William Seymour that are being raised in some very hard conditions, are around the supernatural but don’t understand and are being set free to be a deliverer to their generation.

Limited Latter Rain

I believe in the Latter Rain revival. I believe that best is yet to come. When I talk about the Latter Rain, I talk about revival wholesale; not just the revival in 1948.

Read why I believe in the Latter Rain Revival

I love what God did in the believers at Sharon Bible School in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He poured out His Spirit to a bunch of revivalist that would shape church history. Everything changed because they said, “Rend the Heavens and come down.”

Without reservation, I believe in, for, and expect to see revival beyond anything we have ever see in our lifetimes to happen. I have no bones about that!

With that said, the latter rain revival has some things that I just can’t sign off on and say that I believe in. As with every movement, there are some things that you just can’t go along with. Azusa Street has the Finished work issue and the Pentecostal later believed that going to the movie would cost you your salvation.

What I believe from the Latter Rain Revival

I do believe in revival. This will come as no surprise to many. I believe that we will see an End Time revival full of power and glory. It will be humanity’s final altar call.

I believe in personal prophecy! Many may not but I believe that God speaking through another and even “reading your mail” can motive a personal to the harvest very quickly. I will never discount the power of prophecy because the early church did not.

I believe that God speaks in types and shadows. I believe that we do not have full understanding. We are growing in the in the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know our Savior better and deeper.

I believe that is still raising up Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers today. If you believe there are false prophets; then you must also believe there are true prophets as well. A prophet is not determined by his business card but the anointing on his life.

I believe in Impartation! I believe that God can meet your need by having someone give you an impartation, an inheritance. What is that? It is giving you the ability to receive more quicker than you could on your own.

There was much good that came out of the Latter Rain Revival!

There are things that I do not agree with, too.

While I rejected dispensationalism that overly spiritualize the letters to the Churches, I do hold a Pre-Trib position on the timing of the “Catching away” of the saints. I still believe that no one will know the day nor the hour but that our redemption draws near.

The Latter Rain Revival tend to more more towards a Post-Trib position as the revival went on. I can respect the position and have many friends who also hold that view. I personally do not see it.

What I do not believe is we will leave this world in a wheelchair, beaten up and broke down. The Bride of Christ will be raptured out with a battlecry, “Come Lord Jesus, come.” Revelation 22:17 is not a picture of a weak people.

Joel’s Army was right on many things but the idea that there is an army in Joel 2 just is not there. I have studied the book in depth and I just can not find an army of the Lord there. The army spoke about is demonic. The concept of the army of the Lord is biblical but Joel 2 is not the place to find it.

I do not subscribe to the concepts of Dominion theology, Manifest Sons of God, or Militant saints. We are simply preaching the gospel in power, not preparing the earth for the Millennial reign.

While I believe that revival is a place of commanded blessing where the unity of brethen dwell; I do not believe there will fellowship of ministries (denominations) dissolve. Each group will come together in the basis of revival but still be faithful to their calling as well.

I also reject the city church concept. I believe there is one church: the global Church. God is not a mormon; He does not many Brides!

I also reject using impartation as a quick fix for everything. I had a guy once ask me to impart to give “an anointing for web design.” That is not what impartation is for. Can God give you a gift you never learned? Yes, He did for Joshua Mills.

Why does it matter?

Many people have crazy ideas about the Latter Rain revival and I wanted to clear things up. There are more things that I agree with than I disagree with. I believe that used the revival in a powerful way to change our thinking about many issues in the Body of Christ.

I also admit that alot of the crazy parts of the movement could have better better explained so people didn’t get all crazy with their ideas.

I hope this helps.