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Impartation : A biblical view on the foundation doctrine of the Church


A friend messaged me yesterday asking what I thought of Randy Clark from Global Awakening and his teaching on impartation. The truth is...

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Why the prophetic ministry is dying!

Healing, Missiology, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I believe the prophetic ministry is dying a slow death and it the people from within that is killing it, not the critics. We have been...

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Jill Austin changed my life!

Healing, Missiology, Revival

Jill Austin, a prophetic voice to the nations, changed my life. It was an interesting meeting as I had known her on several levels: from...

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Todd Bentley & Frenso Outpouring

Church History, Healing, Missiology, Revival

I know they would be coming. Questions Todd Bentley, his Pneumatology and Missiology. They came during Lakeland and they are coming again....

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William Seymour’s Divine Connection

Revival, William Seymour

While in Ohio, he spend time learning about entire sanctification and Church of God Evening Light disregard for movements and fellowship....

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William Seymour & his inheritance of freedom!

Azusa Street, William Seymour

I helped a guy brainstorm about SEO (doing better on Google) and to my surprise, he gave me a $30 gift card for my Amazon Kindle. So I...

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