Q & A with Peter Vandever


The following is the list of some of the most asked questions about his history in revival and world evangelism. I hope this helps people...

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Facing Jezebel : My story of how damaging slander became.


The story starts in 2000. I was coming back from Brownsville Revival and was involved at different levels with the International House of...

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OneThing ends: Letter from Mike Bickle


Note from Azusa Street: The following is a letter that has been put by Mike Bickle, my former pastor. In Kansas City, people have gathered...

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Prophetic Disconnect : Feeling disengaged from the prophetic movement


I have been part of the prophetic movement since I was in high school. I was there the first day for the International House of Prayer. I...

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Christian Torah Cards and Warlocks : A followup with Christalignment

Bethel Church, Theological Discussions

I posted a response a few weeks ago about Christalignment and destiny card/Christian Tarot Cards nonsense that was going on. I did not say...

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I pack my bags and left the prophetic movement!


I am packing my bags and leaving the prophetic movement. I am not completely rejecting everything that the movement stands for but there is...

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