Facing Jezebel : My story of how damaging slander became.


The story starts in 2000. I was coming back from Brownsville Revival and was involved at different levels with the International House of...

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OneThing is over : Why Mike Bickle calls it quits on hallmark conference!


As reported yesterday, Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer is calling it quits on OneThing to focus on being more of a local...

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Prophetic Disconnect : Feeling disengaged from the prophetic movement


I have been part of the prophetic movement since I was in high school. I was there the first day for the International House of Prayer. I...

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Joseph Company : Rising up Pentecostal business


For many years, Pentecostasl have engaged in business and been quite successful. People like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others was...

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I pack my bags and left the prophetic movement!


I am packing my bags and leaving the prophetic movement. I am not completely rejecting everything that the movement stands for but there is...

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When Bill Johnson is wrong : Response to Bethel Redding over Faith!

Assemblies of God, Theological Discussions

What happens when Bethel Redding just get is dead wrong? Well, they posted something on Facebook that sounds great to the ears of young...

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