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Misty Edwards & Dark night of the soul!


I was going through some old music on Amazon’s music player and I find the pre-release for Misty Edwards first CD that she put out....

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Corey Russell and the glorious!


Of all the people in the IHOPKC community, I have to say the favorite one for me to be around Corey Russell. That guy just make me more...

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IHOPKC and the quest for biblical Eschatology

Church History, Ecclesiology, IHOPKC, Prayer

I used to be part of the IHOPKC (International House of Prayer-Kansas City) ministry. It is what Mike Bickle calls an “apostolic...

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Mike Bickle is wrong about Ted Cruz

Prophecy, Revival, Testimonies

I generally respect Mike Bickle but this thing with Ted Cruz is out there. I am not sure why Mike is even getting into this...

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