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5 things you need to be a Friend of God

Theology, Uncategorized

Jesus Christ told us that we are to be a friend of God. However, what does that mean? It is more than singing the once popular worship...

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Divine Priorities : Keeping the ongoing evidence of the Infilling :)

Theology, Uncategorized

I am going to make a statement that might upset some people but while tongues in the initial physical evidence, it is not the end all to...

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Breathe Prosphesy : Prophetic call to Glory!

Prophecy, Revival, Uncategorized

I was working on something this morning and was letting Amazon Music play and Breathe Prophesy started. It was a prophetic signpost to...

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Quench Not the Spirit : Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Theological Discussions

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is not just something we talk about in theological circles. It is something that every believer practices. It...

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Partnering with Holy Spirit in the Vineyard


One of the core values of Vineyard Churches is partnering with Holy Spirit. This is one of my favorite topics too. I actually wrote my...

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People Skills in Missions

Culture, Missiology, Theology

Today’s lesson living as a Christian cross culturally is about people skills and why they are at enemy with the anointing. Did I...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation