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10 traits of false prophet : How to discern wolves among sheep

Theology, Uncategorized

Everyone wants to hear from a prophet from the Lord, however, there are many wolves in sheep clothing. How do you know the difference...

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Confronting agitators of Baal: How the enemy is destroying revivalists


A few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a group of people on social media that were the “agitators of Baal.” These...

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Why I don’t name and shame anymore!


You might have noticed that the last few months have been a different type of article on Azusa Report. The reason being is that I have let...

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Why the prophetic ministry is dying!

Healing, Missiology, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I believe the prophetic ministry is dying a slow death and it the people from within that is killing it, not the critics. We have been...

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