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Stadium Christianity is my Eschatology

What is the Stadium Christianity? Why is it my eschatology and why does it matter? Well, it is the study of the End Times and yes we are heading towards an end of what we call the Church Age. This age of grace could end at any moment or none of us alive together to see it.

What I do know is God is changing the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation. He told Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer that he would do it and he is doing it.

We understand Christianity as primarly “the Body of Christ.” Most use this because it is overly pastoral in nature and it is what we are told to believe. It also works well for people who are overly relational and in many Asians and Pacific cultural, relational life is a major issue (and hinderance).

Jesus did not tell us to “go and win friends and influence people.” He did not tell us to “go and invite people to cell group.” He did not tell us to “go and give them this best selling Christian book.” He did tell us to “go and preach the gospel.”

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Eschatology: Clarifying Soteriology and Ecclesiology

What is that and why does it matter? The study of salvation is called sorietlogy to the elite theological circles. It is a fancy word for what is salvation. Ecclesiology is a fancy word for what is the Church or the called out ones. Over the last few centuries, we have told the world that being a church member was being saved. We wouldn’t say that from the pulpit (we would deny it even) but that was the culture of most churches in the Western World.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard people say that we should invite people to church and call that evangelism. It is not and will never be evangelism. Jesus did not die so we could have worship services. He died so that men could come to knowledge of the Savior of the World. When you focus on church and not of the message of the Christ; you have taught a false gospel.

Jesus did not hang on the Cross so that we could have “better community” either. There is no need for nails to be driven through his hands so we could sit at Starbucks and have “relationship” over a latte. Those nails were driven so we could have relationship with our Heavenly Father. Communion with Him is what matters; not community with others.

In the last days, the issue of sorietlogy will be critical in our view of eschatology. As we unlink it from Church and see salvation on its’ own; we will see revival break forth and gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed from the mountains and from the stadiums of the world.

In no way, do I see a defeated and broken Church at the end of the age, I see a church that has repented of fear and guilt. Repentence means to change your life and change your mind. It is a new way to think. I believe the Church will repent and start to think again!

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Eschatology: Honoring the final words of Christ

There are many views of how things will play out. You can pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, amillenialist, post-millenialist and about half a dozen other options. However, I believe Jesus gave us something much more important in his final words before going to Heaven.

In Acts 1:7, the discplines (probably Peter) asked him how would we know when He was returning. Jesus did not directly answer him but told him that to worry about times and dates. The details of eschatology was not the important thing to worry about.

He continued and told them when the Holy Spirit on them, they will be witness to the end of the earth. One most people do not understand about this passage is that being a witness in the mind of Jesus was to be a martyr. The greek word is where we got the word martyr from.

Jesus basically told the disciplines to not worry about the return of the Lord, none of them would probably see it but go preach the gospel with signs and wonders until you are all martyred by religiousity.

That is what my eschatology is. Preach the gospel in the stadiums of the world until Jesus comes or I am martyred; whichever comes first.

The great End-Time Harvest will be just like it started: full of power, authority, joy, and glory. I believe that we could see what is coming from glimpses we have been given through history. It will be a revival of salvation, healing and deliverance.

Is revival driven by pastors?

My study of revival history leads me to believe that pastors are normally more of a hindernce to revival than an asset. History is full of pastors either rejecting the move of God or being taken out of the picture so the Spirit could move.

On Father’s Day 1995, John Kilpatrick, pastor of the church, was literally knocked out for hours in the glory of the Lord. Because of that, the Spirit could more with fear of control. It was just the Spirit of God and the vessel of Steve Hill to walk in revival fire.

This example has been repeated many times over through history. I am not saying that pastors can’t lead revival because they can. The revival in Tampa was lead by Rodney Howard-Browne that was the pastor of the church. The historical model is that most times, the lack of pastoral leadership is a benefit.

We are coming into a place that pastors and leaders come off the platform and join the people. The leadership of the Holy Spirit is all the leadership that we need.

We will come to a place where we are nameless and faceless to the world. The only thing they see is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the place of meeting.

Limited Latter Rain

I believe in the Latter Rain revival. I believe that best is yet to come. When I talk about the Latter Rain, I talk about revival wholesale; not just the revival in 1948.

Read why I believe in the Latter Rain Revival

I love what God did in the believers at Sharon Bible School in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He poured out His Spirit to a bunch of revivalist that would shape church history. Everything changed because they said, “Rend the Heavens and come down.”

Without reservation, I believe in, for, and expect to see revival beyond anything we have ever see in our lifetimes to happen. I have no bones about that!

With that said, the latter rain revival has some things that I just can’t sign off on and say that I believe in. As with every movement, there are some things that you just can’t go along with. Azusa Street has the Finished work issue and the Pentecostal later believed that going to the movie would cost you your salvation.

What I believe from the Latter Rain Revival

I do believe in revival. This will come as no surprise to many. I believe that we will see an End Time revival full of power and glory. It will be humanity’s final altar call.

I believe in personal prophecy! Many may not but I believe that God speaking through another and even “reading your mail” can motive a personal to the harvest very quickly. I will never discount the power of prophecy because the early church did not.

I believe that God speaks in types and shadows. I believe that we do not have full understanding. We are growing in the in the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know our Savior better and deeper.

I believe that is still raising up Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers today. If you believe there are false prophets; then you must also believe there are true prophets as well. A prophet is not determined by his business card but the anointing on his life.

I believe in Impartation! I believe that God can meet your need by having someone give you an impartation, an inheritance. What is that? It is giving you the ability to receive more quicker than you could on your own.

There was much good that came out of the Latter Rain Revival!

There are things that I do not agree with, too.

While I rejected dispensationalism that overly spiritualize the letters to the Churches, I do hold a Pre-Trib position on the timing of the “Catching away” of the saints. I still believe that no one will know the day nor the hour but that our redemption draws near.

The Latter Rain Revival tend to more more towards a Post-Trib position as the revival went on. I can respect the position and have many friends who also hold that view. I personally do not see it.

What I do not believe is we will leave this world in a wheelchair, beaten up and broke down. The Bride of Christ will be raptured out with a battlecry, “Come Lord Jesus, come.” Revelation 22:17 is not a picture of a weak people.

Joel’s Army was right on many things but the idea that there is an army in Joel 2 just is not there. I have studied the book in depth and I just can not find an army of the Lord there. The army spoke about is demonic. The concept of the army of the Lord is biblical but Joel 2 is not the place to find it.

I do not subscribe to the concepts of Dominion theology, Manifest Sons of God, or Militant saints. We are simply preaching the gospel in power, not preparing the earth for the Millennial reign.

While I believe that revival is a place of commanded blessing where the unity of brethen dwell; I do not believe there will fellowship of ministries (denominations) dissolve. Each group will come together in the basis of revival but still be faithful to their calling as well.

I also reject the city church concept. I believe there is one church: the global Church. God is not a mormon; He does not many Brides!

I also reject using impartation as a quick fix for everything. I had a guy once ask me to impart to give “an anointing for web design.” That is not what impartation is for. Can God give you a gift you never learned? Yes, He did for Joshua Mills.

Why does it matter?

Many people have crazy ideas about the Latter Rain revival and I wanted to clear things up. There are more things that I agree with than I disagree with. I believe that used the revival in a powerful way to change our thinking about many issues in the Body of Christ.

I also admit that alot of the crazy parts of the movement could have better better explained so people didn’t get all crazy with their ideas.

I hope this helps.

Perry Stone and American Dream

I have always liked Perry Stone from Cleveland, Tennessee. The guy is a very well studied student of the Bible and history. He really impressed me with his knowledge. This is especially odd in Classic Pentecostalism.

The reason for that is that we in the Assemblies of God, Church of God (Cleveland) and Foursquare tend to think that being hard headed and dogmatic is more anointed that using reasoning and logic. Continue reading…