Tag: Ecclesiology

Assemblies are dying?

Assemblies of God

The Assemblies are slowly dying according to many but why? Everyone seems quick to issue the death penalty to the Assemblies of God but no...

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Brian McLaren, Sorry I am not a student of Fox News!


Brian McLaren is an interesting guy and while he is not Pentecostal, a lot of people in our movement do listen to him. I do not understand...

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Wal-Mart Revivalism must close soon!

Ecclesiology, Missiology, Revival, Theology

I just saw on my Facebook feed that Wal-Mart is closing over 100 stores but when when we close down the Wal-Mart mentality found in most...

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Stadium Christianity is my Eschatology

Missiology, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

What is the Stadium Christianity? Why is it my eschatology and why does it matter? Well, it is the study of the End Times and yes we are...

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World Revival School of Ministry is legit? Think again

Education, Missiology, Revival, Theology

The other day, I did an article on concerns about IHOP University; I would amiss to not address the issues at World Revival School of...

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