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Lessons I learned from Mike Francen


Some sixteen years ago, I was living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma working for a large church and doing street evangelism every night in Tulsa....

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True Discipleship is not happening today.

Ecclesiology, Missiology, Theology

Many do not understand the Great Commission and this is partly due to the fact that Matthew recorded a very different version of it than...

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Has Brian Zahnd lost the faith?

Church History, Faith Message

Brian Zahnd is my former pastor. My father grew up in King City, Missouri and Brian is from Savannah. I spend several years at Word of Life...

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Preach faith until you have it!

Church History, Faith Message, Missiology, Theology

I was raised around people that knew what it meant to preach faith. It was just something we talked about once a year or so. It was...

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