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North Cleveland Church of God : Thoughts on the “oldest Pentecostal church in America”

Church of God

On my way to Fort Mill, South Carolina; I stopped by North Cleveland Church of God, a church that prides itself on “being the oldest...

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Church of God (Cleveland Tn) all about theatrics?

Ecclesiology, Revival

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tn) is a very interesting group of people. They are a Pentecostal movement that came around the same time as...

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Dr. Mark Walker is going to lead ministerial training for Lee University


Like many Pentecostals, I woke up to the news this morning that Dr. Mark Walker, pastor of Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta was joining...

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Dr. Tim Hill claims revival is about to break out in the Church of God (Cleveland)

Church of God, Prophecy

Dr. Tim Hill claims in an article on Faith News Network that revival is breaking out in the Church of God. What we have on our hands is a...

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Jason Crabb sings Amazing Grace in thrift store


Jason Crabb is a popular worship leader and mainstay in the Pentecostal movement. He is the son a traveling music group with the Church of...

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Valley of Dry Bones: A discussion of Perry Stone’s theology

Prophecy, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

I was looking around Youtube a week ago and found an odd video of Perry Stone, the Church of God evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee...

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Why Perry Stone should lead the Church of God

Ecclesiology, Missiology

First of all, I am not Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee). I have never been a member and I do not believe in their sanctification...

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